Flight canceled a few minutes before take-off. The passenger was arguing about the war in Israel

Flight canceled a few minutes before take-off.  The passenger was arguing about the war in Israel

The Jetstar flight began taxiing towards the runway and moments later returned to the gate. All because of the suspicious behavior of one of the passengers. He got into an argument about the Israel-Hamas conflict and the trip was canceled.

None of the passengers on the Jetstar Airbus A320 flight expected this turn of events. Few people take into account the fact that their trip may be canceled due to a quarrel among one of the passengers. However, it did happen, and other passengers and the crew became so upset with the unusual behavior of one man that the flight was canceled. See what exactly happened in Australia recently.

Flight canceled due to passenger quarrel

A Jetstar flight from Sydney to Melbourne was canceled after a passenger on board began behaving strangely. The plane was already preparing to take off, but the crew became so concerned that they turned the plane back to the gate.

The Airbus A320 was scheduled to take off from Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD) at 06:00 and arrive in Melbourne an hour later. Ultimately, however, it was canceled and a replacement journey was organized for the passengers. 9:49. All because of one tourist.

According to local media, the man began behaving strangely shortly after boarding. He asked if he could use the toilet and then didn’t go to the bathroom at all. Then he asked to change his seat, and eventually he stayed in his seat and didn’t move anywhere.

The crew were so concerned about the man’s behavior that they contacted the Australian Federal Police. By this time, the A320 was already taxiing towards the runway, but eventually returned to the gate and police officers boarded.

The situation escalated when the man got into an argument with another passenger about the Israel-Hamas conflict. The reason for the man’s aggression was another passenger who allegedly said: “Give it a rest – there is a war going on in Palestine.” From there, things picked up pace.

Witnesses to the incident claim that the tourists were shouting at each other over a difference of opinion regarding the situation in the Middle East. It is worth remembering that the flight from Melbourne departs every day at 6 a.m. and there are probably not many arguments during it. Passengers just want to get to their destination quickly.

The passenger was taken from the plane

The man was taken off the board, but interestingly, some of the other travelers followed his example and also left the plane.

“I was very concerned, you don’t expect that on a domestic flight in Australia. I travel a lot. It’s a bit scary. The image of 9/11 immediately came to my mind when I saw the others getting off,” passenger Scherri Simpson said on Channel 9’s Today Show.

According to the report, some passengers chose not to travel and all passengers were eventually removed from the plane for unspecified “operational reasons.” They were transferred to another plane, which took off around 10 a.m.

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