Ryanair passengers are stuck at the airport. The plane had a 24-hour delay

Ryanair passengers are stuck at the airport.  The plane had a 24-hour delay

The flight of a low-cost carrier was unexpectedly interrupted. Tired travelers had to wait another day to return home.

According to the FlightRight ranking of the most frequently delayed planes, Ryanair ranks only 21st among the 25 European airlines surveyed. This flight was definitely one of the most unlucky in the history of a low-cost carrier. Travelers have received further notifications about the prolonged delay of their flight from Tenerife to Manchester. Ultimately, the tourists waited 24 hours to return home.

A Ryanair flight was unexpectedly diverted

There are probably worse places in the world to be stuck for 24 hours a day than sunny Tenerife, but the passengers on Ryanair flight FR4331 were definitely in for a treat. The plane, which took off from an airport in the southern part of the island on December 16, was turned around after less than 30 minutes of flight towards Manchester due to an unspecified technical fault. A temporary problem turned into long hours of waiting, ending with camping out at the airport and receiving further information about the postponed takeoff. The passengers managed to fly home only on Sunday, December 17.

Passengers were guaranteed a hotel, but they still had to wait at the airport

After returning to the airport in Tenerife, a specially prepared hotel was waiting for the airline’s customers. Passengers were notified of the new departure time, which was postponed from 6:55 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. the next day. Tourists who were scheduled to go to the airport the next morning were forced to endure another eleven hours of waiting for a connection. “Passengers were told their flight home was further delayed until 1pm, before being informed in a subsequent text message that it had been rescheduled to 4pm and then again to 7pm – almost 24 hours after their original scheduled return ” – reports manchestereveningnews.com.

The travelers were angry and tired. “People, including elderly people and families with small children, waited all day at the airport. We had absolutely no contact with Ryanair. It was chaos,” says one of the passengers. As it turns out, the passengers ultimately flew on another plane. “As engineers continued to inspect the aircraft on December 17, the departure was postponed by a full day. To minimize inconvenience, it was decided not to delay the start time any further. Passengers were transferred to the next available flight to Manchester on the same day. Passengers were issued meal vouchers for the waiting period and were informed about the delay throughout the day via text messages,” the carrier explains.

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