Ryanair is lowering flight prices again. This time, as many as 5 directions from PLN 59

Ryanair is lowering flight prices again.  This time, as many as 5 directions from PLN 59

It’s a shame to miss this offer. Ryanair offers flights to popular destinations in Europe from PLN 59. There are so many directions that everyone should find something for themselves. You just need to make your reservation in time. Time is short.

Ryanair once again has a unique instant offer for tourists. “Don’t miss it!” – calls to everyone and suggests as many as 5 different routes. This is not the first such action by this line. Only until January 11, it sold tickets starting from PLN 69, and then the list included Vienna, Brussels and Cyprus. This time we will be surprised by new destinations, although some destinations are repeated. Most one-way tickets can be purchased for less than PLN 100.

Fast ticket sale at Ryanair

We found out about the current promotion of the Ryanair carrier by browsing the official website of the network. The announcement published there shows that only today and tomorrow – until January 17 – you can book cheap tickets to many interesting places. The trip must be made between January 17 and April 30 this year – these are the dates for selected destinations.

All mentioned flights from the offer depart from Warsaw Chopin Airport. The trip can be purchased from PLN 59, and the list includes cities from countries such as Italy, Austria, Belgium, Great Britain and Cyprus. Where will it be the cheapest and what dates are worth choosing? Here are some suggestions.

Cheap flights with Ryanair. These are attractive directions

The cheapest city offered by Ryanair is once again Vienna. This time you can book a flight there from PLN 59 one way. Available dates include: departure on January 21 on Sunday and return on January 24 on Tuesday. Then we will pay less than PLN 120 for the round trip. There are many more such variants. It is worth noting that the later the dates we choose, the more expensive it will be. For example, in March a ticket usually costs PLN 95, and in April it costs PLN 106.

An option that has not been available recently is, among others: Bologna. We can fly there from PLN 69, provided that we choose, among others: deadline: January 22 or 29. You can plan your return, among others: on Friday, February 2 or Sunday, February 4. For a round-trip trip, you only need to spend less than PLN 140.

In addition to the above-mentioned destinations, you can also take a trip to Liverpool. And here ticket prices start from PLN 69. The same promotion applies to Belgium, provided that we fly there at the turn of February and March. The most expensive destination is again the city of Paphos in Cyprus. We can book tickets from PLN 145 one way.

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