“These are the three worst countries I have ever visited.” The traveler reveals where she would never return

“These are the three worst countries I have ever visited.”  The traveler reveals where she would never return

The young vlogger posted recordings online in which she reveals what places made a bad impression on her in 2023. Not everyone agrees with her.

Grace Cheng posted videos on TikTok about places she wouldn’t recommend to other travelers. According to a popular vlogger, these are the three worst countries she has visited. “I didn’t feel safe, and in one of them the fraud was mastered to perfection,” she revealed.

A traveler reveals the three worst countries she has ever been to

Grace Cheng, who goes by the nickname @gracietravels on TikTok, travels a lot around the world. He brings photos and recordings from many destinations, which he then shares online. All of them contain her conclusions, as well as advice and valuable tips for others. She devoted several of her posts to places she considers the worst she has ever visited. Interestingly, one of these destinations is Poles’ favorite country.

In her TikTok video, Grace specifically complained about “scams and harassment at the highest level” in one of her three least favorite destinations. She even suggested that on one tour her guide was “just as bad” as the scammers because he encouraged a group of tourists to make pointless purchases. Which countries do you think are the worst?

Egypt comes first. Next, other popular countries

Starting her list, Cheng noted that she chose Egypt because “everyone wants to make money off tourists.” In her experience, “fraud and harassment have reached very high levels – especially at major tourist attractions.”

The vlogger also said that although she toured the country with a guide, he “tried to get tourists to buy things.” Therefore, he behaved in the same way as the solicitors. She also added that she did not feel safe, even with a guide by her side.

“He had a lot of friends in the area who offered us lots of activities, like climbing on a rock to take a photo with a nice background,” she said.

Gracie said she “got scared” when she refused to pay the scammers and they kept demanding money from her. She also noted that she would not recommend traveling to Egypt alone, especially if you are a woman.

“Men actually stare at you, and it’s not a normal stare, it’s one of those really uncomfortable stares where they don’t take their eyes off you,” she said.

Other Internet users agreed with her opinion. “I agree with Egypt. It was a disgusting experience and the harassment was crazy. Everyone is always shocked when I say I don’t want to go there,” wrote one observer.

Another place Grace wouldn’t recommend is Singapore. She didn’t like the city-state, even though she had been there several times. The vlogger decided that staying in the Marina Bay Sands district in Singapore is simply boring because it can only be spent eating and shopping. She also lamented the price, which she felt was “not worth it.” Even if she had the opportunity to be by the largest infinity swimming pool in the world and on a rooftop that is 57 stories above the bustling streets.

“It’s always very crowded and there are expensive restaurants everywhere that don’t have good food,” she complained.

In third place on Grace’s list was… Australia.

Although the traveler admitted that she may not have planned her trip from A to Z, she nevertheless felt that “there wasn’t really anything that stood out” and stayed in her memory for a long time.

The woman has visited attractions such as Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Sydney, and admits her only regret is not being able to go to the Great Barrier Reef.

However, in order not to speak only negatively about the continent of kangaroos, the vlogger highly praised Sydney for the “great food” in the famous Spice Alley zone, which serves various types of Asian cuisine.

In both cases, netizens felt that Grace was unnecessarily harsh towards Singapore and Australia. “Your plan to travel to Singapore and Australia sucked. The food in Singapore is amazing and there are plenty of hidden gems in Australia with phenomenal views,” one person commented sharply.

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