A newcomer from Asia in a Warsaw apartment. Guards were called

A newcomer from Asia in a Warsaw apartment.  Guards were called

An interesting reptile was found in a famous district of the city. The animal probably escaped from the owner’s hands straight to the neighbor’s door.

A resident of a building in Wilanów must have been really surprised when he noticed an unusual guest in one of the rooms. The Warsaw ecoguard was called to the scene and sent the visitor to the zoo. The additional tenant, although small in size, resembles a large predatory cat in its color.

Reptile in an apartment in Wilanów

Information about the unusual report was provided by the Municipal Guard of the city of Warsaw. A resident of Warsaw notified the local ecoguard when he encountered a strange-looking reptile in his apartment. This is not the first such situation in Poland – last year we wrote about a senior citizen who found a meter-long python on the floor. This time the report concerned a leopard gecko – an interestingly colored species of 20-centimeter lizard. The guards took the animal and took it to the Warsaw zoo. Thanks to the photo posted on website X, we can see what the found reptile looked like.

It is not known who the rightful owner of the animal is. A funny comment from an Internet user posted under the City Guard’s announcement indicated that the residents of the Wilanów estate often have unusual species in their homes. “Normal people run away with dogs, cats, and in the summer a turtle escapes. However, in my favorite enclave in Warsaw, elephants, panthers and zebras are escaping,” we read.

The leopard gecko comes from Asia

Although the discovered gecko probably escaped from a neighbor’s apartment, this species comes from Asia. Under natural conditions, the leopard gecko inhabits deserts and semi-deserts in Pakistan, Afghanistan and northwestern India. The gecko’s body is covered with scales, and its spotted brown or brown color stands out clearly against a yellow-gray background, resembling the pattern of spotted leopards. This reptile can survive up to 15 years in the wild and up to several years longer in captivity.

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