Thomas Thurnbichler made changes to the national team. A great return to the national team

Thomas Thurnbichler made changes to the national team.  A great return to the national team

After the unsuccessful inauguration in Ruka, in Lillehammer the results of the Polish ski jumping team were not much better. The Reds and Whites are clearly in a hole, and coach Thomas Thurnbichler wants to find a way to solve the problem.

The Austrian coach of the Poles may have had a headache since the beginning of the World Cup season. His players alternate average jumps with weak ones, and this is a bad mix for such a demanding fan as the Polish ski jumping fan. Currently, however, the Poles have no basis for fighting with the best, mainly focusing on… avoiding further high-profile failures.

Maciej Kot returns to the Polish national ski jumping team

After competitions in Finland and Norway, Thomas Thurnbichler took his first serious steps. Maciej Kot will return to the A team. The last time the experienced ski jumper had the opportunity to compete in the World Cup series was in February this year. However, Aleksander Zniszczoł was moved to compete in the Continental Cup.

– I’m still waiting for the final confirmation which hills will be available to us in the country to find a good solution for each competitor. It’s clear we need to improve. The level of the top 10-15 players is very high, but it is not unattainable for us. We just have to do a really good job. The players must follow this path with us. They must be confident and confident in the direction they are taking. Then we will cope as a team. At this moment, I can already tell you that Maciej Kot will join the team in Klingenthal. In turn, Olek Zniszczoł will start in the Continental Cup – admitted the coach of the Polish team in front of the PZN camera.

Let us recall that three Poles scored points in Lillehammer on Saturday: Kamil Stoch, Paweł Wąsek and Piotr Żyła. A day later, Dawid Kubacki and “Wiewiór” appeared in the final series. However, it is difficult to be satisfied with the performance of the White and Reds, who take mediocre, if not to say simply poor, places.

When is the next ski jumping World Cup, where to watch it?

After the competition in Norway, this time the fight for ski jumping World Cup points will move to Germany. Ski jumping fans will enjoy competitions in Klingenthal. The competition is scheduled for the weekend of December 8-10. Two individual competitions on the large hill will be held in Germany.

Broadcasts from the Ski Jumping World Cup competitions can be followed on Eurosport and on open TVN. Additionally, the live broadcast takes place in Player, if you are looking for a chance to watch training, qualifications and competitions online. Fans can also take advantage of the Polsat Box Go offer, where Eurosport channels are available.

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