Fish attacks in a popular resort in Spain. Warnings for tourists

Fish attacks in a popular resort in Spain.  Warnings for tourists

Up to a dozen people a day fall victim to fish attacks in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain. Experts know what is behind the strange behavior of animals.

This year’s holidays are marked by alarming events in many places. Some time ago, tourists staying in the USA were warned about seal attacks. The strange behavior of the animals was explained by experts as poisoning with toxins that entered their bodies by eating algae secreting them.

Now, in Spain, alerts are issued for people vacationing in one of the most holiday regions, Alicante. This is where fish attacks occur. There are reports of even a dozen or so bites a day.

Fish attack tourists off the coast of Spain

Tourists from Benidorm in Alicante province are being warned against fish attacks after dozens of bites occur almost every day. Experts believe that the animals’ unusual behavior is caused by high water temperatures – they may prompt fish to look for alternative food sources.

Oblada fish, which somewhat resemble piranhas, are dangerous for vacationers. A series of such attacks were recorded in Alicante.

One of the most famous beaches in Benidorm, Poniente, has recently become a place of inglorious fame. This is where at least 15 people needed help after being bitten by sea animals.

Painful bites

According to reports, fish sense small wounds on their skin and then attack. Not only do they drink the blood of their prey, but they also leave bite marks on the legs, arms and back.

Those attacked claim that the fish are about 30 cm long and can be easily recognized by a black spot on their tail.

Vacationers are also advised not to go into the sea wearing shiny jewelry, as this may lead to attacks by other species.

Experts warn that high water temperatures may be the reason for the increase in the number of attacks. Warm water speeds up the metabolism of fish, increasing their appetite and forcing them to look for more food. According to the Climatological Laboratory of the University of Alicante, the sea temperature off the coast of Benidorm is currently around 29-30°C.

The pale melanura, as this is the name of the dangerous fish, usually lives around the island of Tabarca, about 8 kilometers from the mainland. It usually feeds on everything and most often eats small invertebrates such as shrimp. This year, however, it has moved much closer to the coast and is also attacking tourists.

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