In this city, time is measured by… balls. The largest such clock in Poland

In this city, time is measured by... balls.  The largest such clock in Poland

Guides treat this place as a must-see on trips around Szczecin. This is probably the largest ball clock in Poland.

The unusual structure is located in the shop window at Plac Orła Biały in Szczecin. It was made 12 years ago by Władysław Stec, who runs the store with his wife. – Constructing a clock was therapy for me when I was recovering from illness. I didn’t expect the clock to become such an attraction – he admits in an interview with

The largest ball clock in Poland

The structure is over 90 cm high and one and a half meters wide, and the time is indicated by colorful balls that roll to the appropriate places on special gutters. Everything is powered by a small electric motor. – I was inspired by a water clock I saw in Berlin. Then I decided to do something of my own. I have always liked construction, it fascinates me, says Władysław Stec.

In all Szczecin guides, the clock is described as the largest ball clock in Poland. – It never occurred to me that there was anything like this anywhere. One of my clients said that he had seen a ball clock in France, but it was much smaller than mine, says the designer. He makes no secret of the fact that his interest in the clock brings him great joy. – Especially when I watch children run and stand especially to watch the time change and the balls roll. In the summer, entire trips came here with guides, he says.

Ball clock and other constructions by Mr. Władysław

The famous clock is not the only construction made by the resident of Szczecin. He himself is passionate about paragliding and, as he says, he constructed his own hang glider 40 years ago. A year ago in Szczecin his flying carpet, i.e. a special structure on wheels made of carpet, became a sensation.

– I still have a lot of ideas, I would also like to improve my flying carpet. I also had an idea to make an even bigger clock that could stand on the White Eagle Square, but well… I’m already 72 years old and I don’t know if I have enough time for all this – says Mr. Władysław.

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