The strangest toilet on the Polish Baltic Sea. “I was downloading Baby Yaga from Norway”

The strangest toilet on the Polish Baltic Sea.  "I was downloading Baby Yaga from Norway"

Can a public toilet become a kind of meeting point, i.e. a place where people meet? This is how it is in Świnoujście, because if you say – “let’s meet at the babojagach”, everyone will know that it is about the most characteristic toilet in the entire resort.

The music can be heard from far away. Then you see a whole music band made up of witches’ effigies. And only at the end the tourist realizes that this is not another stall offering “soap and jam”, but a public toilet at the main entrance to the beach in Świnoujście.

“I wanted it to be nice”

Man-sized Baba Yagas are playing (music is heard from the speakers next to the effigies equipped with instruments), and the one welcoming guests who want to use the sanctuary can scare you, because if you touch it, it rings a loud bell. There are flowers, lifebuoys and other marine gadgets nearby, and Mr. Andrzej, the tenant of the toilet business, encourages you to take pictures with the witches. – I miss one Baba Yaga, you will stand here next to me – he laughs at a passing tourist. He hands her a pointed hat and a broom and takes a commemorative photo. He himself is dressed in a sailor suit.

“I wanted it to be nice. Children like it very much. And when people make an appointment, they often say: “Let’s meet at the babojagach” and everyone knows which place it is about – says Mr. Andrzej.

The puppets came from Norway

Mr. Andrzej has been beautifying the toilet for years and, as he says, he brought huge effigies of witches with the help of his son all the way from Norway. – It started with the little ones and when I saw that people liked it, that people paid attention and smiled, I brought another one – he says. Sam has been working in this place for 15 years and each year he tries to surprise tourists with a new element of decor.

The use of the toilet itself is payable, but you can have a chat with Mr. Andrzej or take a commemorative photo with the witches for free.

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