There will be temporary containers at Marywilska Street. The draw has started

There will be temporary containers at Marywilska Street.  The draw has started

Trade is to return to Marywilska. Today, the drawing of containers in which sellers will conduct their business began. Working conditions will be worse than in the center that burned down a few weeks ago, but ultimately it is to be rebuilt.

A few hours after extinguishing the fire that broke out in huge sales halls in Warsaw, Marywilska 44 announced that it would be interested in rebuilding the shopping complex. It is too early to rebuild the center proper – services are still working on the ashes to determine how the fire started.

Temporary containers at Marywilska 44

There is a chance that sellers will soon return to work – they will be able to sell in commercial containers provided by the company. “Any tenant who is interested in renting a temporary box in a commercial container will have the opportunity to sign a lease agreement.

In the first stage, tenants will have a choice of 15- or 30-meter premises. The limitation of the lease area is intended to meet the needs of each Tenant who lost his place of business as a result of a fire and will decide to run it in the form proposed by the company until the Center is rebuilt,” the company announced in a press release.

The company declared that it would not collect rent from traders for three months.

On Monday, the drawing of places at the temporary market for buyers from the burned Marywilska 44 shopping center began. TVN Warszawa reported on the procedure: as you can guess, there were more applicants than available containers. A reporter present on the spot noticed that the queue was moving very slowly: after an hour from the start of the drawing, about 15 people had been served. Some people lost their nerves and there were tensions between people who were not on the list and those who had signed up. According to the reporter, these were isolated situations.

The Marywilska 44 company announced that the first commercial containers (at the old address, but in the place of the existing parking lots) will be placed by the end of June. “The company plans to close the entire project at the end of July this year, so that the temporary Marywilska 44 Shopping Center can start operating from the beginning of August,” the announcement reads.

Fire on Marywilska Street. The scope of the investigation will be expanded

As reported by the portal, the investigation into the fire – so far ongoing at the level of the district prosecutor's office – will be led by the Masovian Department for Organized Crime and Corruption of the National Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw. Its scope will also be expanded. – The proceedings will also be conducted under Article 258 of the Penal Code, which concerns participation in an organized criminal group – said Prosecutor Przemysław Nowak, spokesman for the National Prosecutor's Office.

According to's findings, the material obtained during the inspection shed new light on the case, and an expert commissioned by the prosecutor's office will investigate why the hall, despite being equipped with fire curtains and an automatic fire brigade notification system, burned down so quickly. According to unofficial information, the services are seriously linking the fire on Marywilska Street with the possibility of commissioned arson. The liability of the owner of the facility – Marywilska 44 – is also being examined in terms of fulfilling obligations arising from fire safety regulations.

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