Morawiecki declares support for the opposition’s idea. “I’ll raise my hand…”

Morawiecki declares support for the opposition's idea.  "I'll raise my hand..."

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, in an interview for the “Fakt” daily, emphasizes that he will support the current opposition’s idea of ​​increasing the tax-free amount to PLN 60,000 a year. He also indicates an area in which the United Right government could have achieved more.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki gave an interview to the “Fakt” daily. The head of government announced that he would present the composition of his new cabinet within 7-8 days. When asked about what we will hear in the exposé, the Prime Minister emphasizes that he intends to “focus on what we should do to quickly catch up with the West in terms of living standards.

– I would like this exposé to be an action plan for Law and Justice for the 10th term of office of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland. We want to open up more to issues related to the life of local communities, ecology, entrepreneurship and the problems of young people. We want to show a positive perspective for tomorrow. At the same time, strengthening those areas where PiS has already shown effectiveness – says Morawiecki.

Prime Minister: “I have the most complaints about housing”

In the interview, Morawiecki recalls the most important achievements of PiS over the last 8 years. When asked about what has not been achieved, he points to the issue of housing.

– I have the most grudges, including myself, regarding housing. Despite the fact that, thanks to our regulations, over 100,000 units were put into operation annually. more apartments than under our predecessors, I see significant deficits here – admits the head of government.

Morawiecki on supporting the opposition’s demands

The Prime Minister declared that he would support the proposal proposed by the current opposition to increase the tax-free amount to PLN 60,000. PLN per year.

– Yes, I’ll lift it. The new government will have to find funds for this in the budget, but I will definitely raise my hand for a tax cut, because this is what PiS has been doing for 8 years. We reduced personal income tax by the most in the history of the Third Polish Republic. We reduced the corporate income tax for small and medium-sized companies from 19 to 9 percent. We have also reduced VAT on several hundred products from 23%. at 8 percent and even 5 percent. And at the same time, we cared about the security of public financesemphasizes Morawiecki.

The head of government also announced that he would vote for the introduction of the so-called grandma’s.

“If the fuel was cheap, was it bad?”

Morawiecki also referred to the relatively low prices at gas stations before the parliamentary elections. When asked if it was about pleasing the voters, he replies:

– I understand that if fuel was cheap, it was bad? Sometimes I admit that I don’t understand our opposition… Fuel prices are the policy of fuel companies. Today we have a regular war in the Middle East, which is pushing prices up, and we still have some of the lowest fuel prices in Europe. I’m impatiently waiting for the opposition to bring fuel prices close to PLN 5 – after all, such declarations have also been made!

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