What job are students looking for? Salary is not the most important thing

What job are students looking for?  Salary is not the most important thing

What matters most to students looking for a job is the opportunity to develop and work in an industry related to their field of study – according to the MBE Group study “And after graduation we go to work”.

– Students in Poland are most often looking for places where they can develop. This is what they most often pay attention to in job offers, it is important for them that their first experiences give them a good start, that they can develop and that the company takes care of their training – said Anna Rosołowska in an interview for Wprost.pl.

Salary ranges

According to the study, although the amount of salary is not the most important thing for most students, mentioning the salary range in a job advertisement completely changes the perception of the offer. Information about the salary offered is currently the most important element influencing the attractiveness of a job offer among students, chosen by 78 percent. respondents.

Other important elements (such as the ability to combine work with studies or the opportunity to gain experience) are still important aspects, but they lag significantly behind the range (by 17 and 22 percentage points, respectively).

Location matters

Although many students willingly take up remote or hybrid work, in which the schedule is flexible and gives the opportunity to combine work and studies, the location of the company is still an important factor taken into account when choosing the first job.

As much as 61 percent respondents declared that they were looking for information about the employer's location. This is a factor that is more important than even opinions about the company (55 percent of respondents). Perhaps it's the fact that internships (in which students are usually interested) are often held stationary, perhaps the proximity to the university or convenient public transport connections is important (over 40% of those taking part in the study do not live in the town where they study).

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