Washing machines on beaches after containers fell off a freighter

Washing machines on beaches after containers fell off a freighter

46 containers with various goods, including: refrigerators, fell into the North Sea. Several have already reached Danish beaches. The freighter was heading from Germany to Gdańsk.

Gales in various regions of Poland, record – and very dangerous – wind speeds in the mountains, storms in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea – this is what the weather has looked like in recent days. An unusual event occurred in the North Sea, resulting in pollution of the water area. Fortunately, it is not an oil spill, but floating containers. And the containers contained various goods destined for recipients in Poland – the freighter’s destination port was Gdańsk.

The containers could not withstand the impact of the storm

The vessel belonging to the Maersk shipowner resisted strong winds on Friday, but some of the containers on it fell into the water. Now they are drifting in the area between the Danish cities of Hanstholm and Skagen.

No crew members were injured and the ship can sail normally. What about the goods? Danish media reported that four containers reached the coast of northern Jutland, and on the beaches, among others, refrigerators, shoes and syringes packed in plastic bags. A total of 46 containers fell into the water, so a walk on the beach may end with collecting a lot of goodies. However, local police warned walkers not to take any items they find as it may be considered theft.

Maersk feels responsible and assured that it will help with the cleanup.

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