Broken distributor, failure at the refinery… There is a shortage of fuel at Russian stations

Broken distributor, failure at the refinery... There is a shortage of fuel at Russian stations

In the first place, gasoline and diesel oil in Russia are intended for the army, so there is not always enough of them for private drivers. Farmers who are harvesting are also having problems with supplies.

Gas stations in various Russian regions are running out of gasoline and diesel fuel. It may not be available for many days or it is delivered in such small quantities that it is not enough for everyone who wants it. “Rzeczpospolita”, referring to the “Kommersant” newspaper, reports about problems with supplies in the Astrakhan, Volgograd, Saratov, Ryazan, Novosibirsk oblasts, as well as in Kalmykia and Crimea.

There is a shortage of gasoline in Russia. Translations about a broken distributor

The situation on the peninsula, which has been occupied since 2014, is particularly difficult, as there are fewer and fewer opportunities for external supplies. “Bridges and roads, as well as railway tracks, are effectively attacked by Ukrainian drones. The fuel does not reach the stations because the diesel fuel is used by the Russian army, and the railway gives military transports priority over civilian transports, explains Rzeczpospolita.

To hide supply problems, station staff tell customers that the distributor has failed or that the refinery is under renovation, so supplies are limited. “Rz” notes that the restrictions hit farms that are harvesting the most. The Ministry of Agriculture has appealed to the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Transport regarding the increase in diesel prices and interruptions in its supply.

The demand for gasoline is growing, but demand will soon slow down a bit

Russians are struggling with a shortage of gasoline, and the rest of the world is struggling with high prices. The demand for the raw material is breaking records at a time when the supply of the raw material is limited by the largest producers belonging to the OPEC+ cartel. According to the analysis of the CIS service, according to the data of the International Energy Agency, in June the global demand for oil reached a record level of 103 million barrels a day and there are many indications that August will bring another record. Demand is driven by air travel intensified in the summer, but also by increased oil consumption in the energy sector and growing Chinese petrochemical activity.

The agency predicts that the global demand for oil will grow to 105.7 million barrels per day in 2028. However, the growth dynamics will slow down, starting from 2024, when the effect of the post-pandemic rebound is to fade and give way to an economic weakening. The popularization of electric cars will also contribute, and over time they will replace combustion cars.

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