The Warsaw project is still undefeated. The final decision was made against Trefl Gdańsk

The Warsaw project is still undefeated.  The final decision was made against Trefl Gdańsk

Projekt Warszawa and Trefl Gdańsk faced each other in the PlusLiga hit, and they are doing very well this season. Piotr Graban’s players have not yet experienced defeat. In turn, the Gdańsk team lost only one match against LUK Lublin in the fifth series of matches.

Trefl Gdańsk is currently in third place, just behind Projekt Warszawa and Jastrzębie Węgiel, who, like the Warsaw team, have not yet experienced defeat. The fans could not see the recently brought Taylor Averill in the squad for this match, but Lukas Kampa returned to the team from Gdańsk after a long injury.

Trefl Gdańsk lost the first set at its own request

This match was very even from the beginning. The volleyball players of both teams did great, especially in serving. Kevin Tillie’s service ace allowed Projekt Warszawa to gain three points (9:6). However, he was quickly answered by Martinez, who scored two points in a row with a serve, giving Trefl Gdańsk the equalizer 9:9.

Both teams were neck and neck until the end. In the decisive phase of the set, the Warsaw team gained two points (19:21). At this point, Igor Juricić asked for a second break to throw his opponents off their rhythm. It worked, as his players equalized the score 22:22. In key moments, Trefl Gdańsk failed and lost the set at its own request 24:26.

Trefl Gdańsk failed again at the end

Irritated by this turn of events, the players from Gdańsk decided to take matters into their own hands from the beginning of the second set. The Trefl Gdańsk volleyball players took the lead 6:3, but the result was reversed when Kevin Tillie served. First, with a service ace, he equalized the score 6:6, and then, after a brilliant defense, he took the lead 6:7.

Later, Trefl’s players were able to take the lead again, 14:11. Unfortunately for them, the scenario from the first set began to repeat itself, because Projekt first equalized the score 22:22, and then thanks to Artur Szalpuk took the lead 22:23. In the next action, Semeniuk made an effective block, which gave his team a set point. This game ended at 23:25.

The third set was entirely dictated by Projekt Warszawa. The guests took the lead 1:7 and everything seemed to indicate that they would finish the match without any major problems. However, quite unexpectedly, the Trefl Gdańsk volleyball players broke the deadlock and started chasing their rivals. It was unsuccessful, because the closest they got was three points (8:11). This set finally ended with the score 19:25.

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