The owner of Wisła Kraków made a decision regarding Radosław Sobolewski. All clear!

The owner of Wisła Kraków made a decision regarding Radosław Sobolewski.  All clear!

Recently, there have been speculations in the media about the future of Wisła Kraków’s coach, Radosław Sobolewski. Now the owner of the club has spoken on the matter and explained how things are.

Wisła Kraków has been failing for some time. Although in the spring of 2023 she was doing great and managed to win participation in the play-offs for promotion to Ekstraklasa, she did not succeed in this art. Biała Gwiazda unexpectedly failed in a clash with Puszcza Niepołomice (1:4) and as a result had to accept the need to spend another season in the Fortuna 1. Liga. Now, however, she is also not doing well, so speculations about the future of Radosław Sobolewski appeared in the media.

Radosław Sobolewski at the exit from Wisła Kraków?

Wisła won only one clash out of the last four, and in circumstances far from expected. In the clash with Polonia Warszawa, we witnessed a crazy ending, referees’ controversies, and finally the match ended with the triumph of the team from Małopolska (3:2). Apart from that, however, the team of the 14-time Polish champions lacked quality. Draws with Górnik Łęczna and Stal Rzeszów and defeat with GKS Tychy cannot satisfy anyone associated with this club.

As the goal of the White Star for the 2023/24 season is a direct promotion to the Ekstraklasa, some fans began to question the rightness of Radosław Sobolewski to continue to lead the team. Rumors about the possible dismissal of the trainer hit fertile ground.

The owner of Wisła Kraków is clear about the situation of Radosław Sobolewski

Now Jarosław Królewski, the owner of the White Star, has also decided to refer to these speculations. He made it clear on Twitter that the topic of parting with the coach does not exist. “No one was given an ultimatum (I consider it a pointless practice), which would have limited my freedom of choice anyway,” the post reads.

“At the moment, I do not plan to change the team’s coaching staff, I will strongly support the coaches and the team on their way to improving results in the upcoming matches. It is clear that we do not present ourselves to our expectations, this is an indisputable issue, but we have ideas on how to change it. Paradoxically, playing under a lot of pressure now can teach us a lot and give us results at key moments of the season, which we did not manage to do in the last round, added Królewski.

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