This is how much Polish jumpers earned in the World Cup. Kamil Stoch “red lantern”

This is how much Polish jumpers earned in the World Cup.  Kamil Stoch "red lantern"

Polish jumpers started the new World Cup badly, which translated into their earnings. So far, the smallest amount was won by Kamil Stoch, whose form leaves much to be desired. The top of the list opens with the revelation of the current campaign.

It is difficult to draw any positive conclusions after the first World Cup competitions performed by Poles. In Ruka, only two representatives: Dawid Kubacki and Piotr Żyła scored points, but this is poor consolation considering their places in the general classification. In Lillehammer, they were joined by Paweł Wąsek and Kamil Stoch. Thomas Thurnbichler argues that good results will come, and if this happens, earnings statistics, which are currently dismal, will also soar.

The poor results of Polish jumpers translated into their earnings

The competitions in Ruka and Lillehammer reflected the waves of problems of “Thurnbichler’s Eagles”. Aleksander Zniszczoł is still waiting for his first points in the World Cup, but the Austrian coach decided to return Maciej Kot to the team. The 28-year-old was moved to the Continental Cup.

Bad jumps also resulted in not the best earnings. FIS guarantees the winner of the World Cup competition 13,000. francs, and qualifications 3 thousand. Every jumper who managed to qualify for the second series of the competition can also count on earnings. For example, the last, 30th place is awarded 400 Swiss francs (CHF), i.e. approx. PLN 1,800. It is therefore understandable that none of the Polish jumpers was in the top twenty of the 2023/2024 World Cup financial ranking.

This is how much Polish jumpers earned in the World Cup

The clear leader – which is no surprise – is the winner of all four competitions, Stefan Kraft. The Austrian earned PLN 58,000. Swiss francs, which translates into approx. 265.6 thousand zloty. In second place is Andreas Wellinger (CHF 37,000, or PLN 169.5 thousand), and the podium is closed by Jan Hoerl (CHF 24.2 thousand, or PLN 110.8 thousand).

Among the Poles, Dawid Kubacki earned the most, taking 24th place with earnings of CHF 3,600 (approx. PLN 16,500). Right behind him is Piotr Żyła with CHF 3,200 (PLN 14.6 thousand). Paweł Wąsek is in 34th place, whose current salary is CHF 1,100 (PLN 5,000). Kamil Stoch has earned the least so far. The three-time Olympic champion takes a distant 40th place, and for his jumps he earned only… CHF 400, or approximately PLN 1,800.

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