Fran Tudor the hero of Raków Częstochowa. This goal secured promotion to the el. Champions League!

Fran Tudor the hero of Raków Częstochowa.  This goal secured promotion to the el.  Champions League!

Raków Częstochowa fought a heroic, though sometimes a bit desperate battle with Aris Limassol, but they achieved their goal. Polish champions checked in to the next qualifying round of the Champions League! Fran Tudor became the hero.

Raków Częstochowa is doing very well in this year’s Champions League qualifiers. Medaliki have already defeated two opponents, they are in the third round, and thus, they already have the opportunity to play in the group stage of one of the European competitions. The question is where will they get to? The goal of the Polish champions is of course the Champions League, but to get to it, you first have to deal with Aris Limassol. Dawid Szwarga’s players went to Cyprus with a minimal advantage – in the first match they won 2:1 after the goals of Władysław Koczerhin and Fabian Piasecki.

Aris Limassol dominated Rakow Czestochowa

Raków almost missed a goal right after the first whistle. After losing the duel, Mariusz Stępiński reached the shooting position. The former player of Widzew Łódź or Ruch Chorzów hit from outside the penalty area very hard, although slightly off target. Soon after, Mayambela, the one who surprised the Medaliki at the end of the first meeting, was looking for luck. The same player was close to surprising the Polish champions after a free kick in the 21st minute.

Time passed, and the Medals could not bite back. On the contrary, we watched more dangerous actions of the hosts. One of them, specifically Caju, banged, for example, from the edge of “sixteen” Rakov and if he did it accurately, Kovacevic wouldn’t have much to say. Stępiński also showed up just before the break, when he hit from the air, although Medaliki saved the post. Soon after, the referee blew his whistle for the end of the first half. It is worth noting that during it, the residents of Częstochowa did not fire a single shot.

Fran Tudor the hero of Raków Częstochowa

Due to the difficult weather conditions, the Polish champions had enough of this match after 45 minutes of the game. – I have dark spots in front of my eyes – Piasecki said on TVP Sport in a short conversation. In Limassol it was over 30 degrees and more than 75 percent. humidity. Fortunately, Dawid Szwarga’s players could afford to bite their rivals right after the whistle that started the second set. Then Tudor took a perfect shot and led Raków to lead 1:0.

After a while it could have been 2:0, because Aris went on the attack and got on the counter. Kocherhin stood almost eye to eye with the goalkeeper. The Ukrainian had plenty of space and time to decide how to beat the goalkeeper and that’s probably what lost him. The attacking midfielder finally hit the opponent straight. Before the end of the game, Cebula fell in the penalty area of ​​the Cypriots. The pupil of Korona Kielce suggested that his team should have eleven, but the referee remained deaf to his protests. A quarter of an hour before the end of the match, Kovacevic showed off great interventions, saving Raków from losing the goal.

Great result of the match Aris Limassol – Rakow Częstochowa

In the last minutes, Raków defended itself desperately. The players of coach Szwarga were completely exhausted, even though the coach made several changes. There were moments when the inhabitants of Częstochowa simply kicked the ball out any further, because they did not have the energy to play the action.

Finally, the referee blew his whistle for the last time. The Polish champions won 1:0 and 3:1 on aggregate. Thanks to this, they registered in the last round of qualifying for the Champions League. Even if they lose, we will see them in the group stage of the Europa League in the fall.

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