Putin met with Lukashenko. “Belarus fully complies with its obligations”

Putin met with Lukashenko.  "Belarus fully complies with its obligations"

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko met in Novy Ogaryov near Moscow on Friday, February 17. After the talks, the President of Belarus delivered a few words to journalists.

– Alexander Grigorievich, thank you for agreeing to come – Vladimir Putin welcomed his Belarusian guest. – As if I could disagree! – Lukashenko replied with a smile.

Lukashenko: Belarus fully fulfills the agreements with Moscow

Also, the speech of the President of Belarus to the media was full of courtesy and lacked any specific arrangements. The politician said that his country fully respects the previous agreements between Minsk and Moscow.

– All our arrangements regarding defense and security for last year, which we discussed quite recently, three months ago, have been 100% fulfilled by Belarus. They have even been exceeded. I will tell you later what has been done in this regard, Lukashenko said.

Microelectronics worries Lukashenko

The Belarusian president also mentioned progress in the domestic microelectronics industry. – We were worried that we were too dependent on imports. I have a meeting during the week on a topic we already discussed in Sochi. We have preserved the microelectronics industry that we inherited from the Soviet Union, Lukashenko said.

– We have also reached agreements with Russian companies that were founded during the Soviet period. And today experts say: Don’t worry, tell Vladimir Vladimirovich that we will do everything. Well, the task is bigger this time… We know how to move forward. This is the most important thing. People who know their job – he summed up.

Ukrainians are concerned about Belarus being drawn into the war

Just before the meeting, some Ukrainian politicians spoke about Russian-Belarusian contacts. They emphasized that Vladimir Putin had not yet abandoned his plans to include Belarus in his war and attack Ukraine from the north.

– Vladimir Putin will again persuade Alexander Lukashenko to directly participate in the war – said the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. Oleksiy Danilov stated that the Belarusian dictator is resisting as much as he can so that he is not forced to actively, directly participate in the war against our nation. – I think that another meeting will be held on Friday, during which they will again persuade him to change his point of view – he noted.

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