You can fly to these cities cheaper for the holidays. Prices dropped by up to 25 percent

You can fly to these cities cheaper for the holidays.  Prices dropped by up to 25 percent

Poles are increasingly willing to go on trips during the holiday season. Which directions are the most popular among them? Part of the tickets have just become cheaper. Up to 25 percent!

Christmas is fast approaching and Poles are already planning what they will do during this period. And although many of us will spend this time at home with family, there are also those who are more and more willing to decide to travel during this time. More and more Poles want to spend holidays abroad. And you can also travel cheaply during this period. We will fly to some cities cheaper than last year.

Holiday trips – a new trend among Poles

Many Poles decide to spend holidays away from home. Christmas holidays are a new trend. The sales platform reports that currently over 43 percent Flights for December were booked more than two months in advance, and 25 percent purchased even 46-60 days before the planned departure.

– Although the peak bookings are still ahead of us, we are already observing great interest in December trips. Poles eagerly go on family holidays, often combining the Christmas break with New Year’s Eve. Only a few additional days off during this time are enough to plan a real holiday – comments Marta Gałuszka, Brand Manager at

Interestingly, airfares to some popular holiday destinations have dropped compared to last year.

Cheaper tickets to many holiday destinations

Apart from the expected price increases during this period, several popular and popular destinations can now be found cheaper. experts analyzed flight reservations and prices in 2023 and compared them with data from last year.

For example, a trip to Barcelona costs less – a ticket to the capital of Catalonia costs on average PLN 673 this year, which means a 25% reduction. Moreover, we could buy a ticket to Paris for PLN 585, which is a decrease of 11%, and to Catania in Italy for PLN 468, i.e. a decrease of 10%. cheaper.

However, some destinations are more expensive. Tickets to Vienna currently cost on average PLN 466, i.e. 24%. more. Lisbon costs PLN 1,096, i.e. an increase of 10%. Rome is 16% more expensive and London 18%.

What are the most popular destinations at this time? It is clear that tourists want to visit cities and choose places in Europe. However, warm destinations dominate among them. These are: Rome, London, Barcelona, ​​Alicante, Lisbon, but also Paris, Stockholm and Milan. Also last year, the most popular bookings were in Italian, French, British and Spanish cities.

Those who decide to take Christmas and New Year’s holidays plan more diversely and often focus on further travel. The most frequently chosen destinations for Christmas and New Year’s Eve in 2023 (based on searches) are: Vienna, Dubai, Gdańsk, Berlin, Abu Dhabi, Phuket, New York, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Naples, Gran Canaria.

Will you go somewhere this holiday season?

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