The second pillar of the City Gate is being built

The second pillar of the City Gate is being built

Skanska has started the construction of the second building of the Brama Miasta office complex in Łódź.

The Brama Miasta office complex is being built in the New Center of Łódź. Today, Skanska is starting the construction of the second building in this complex. It will provide 13 thousand sq m of modern office space. The developer assumes that the first building will be available to tenants in 2019, and the second in 2020.

– Brama Miasta is our third investment in Łódź, and the second one, which is an important element of the constantly developing New Center of Łódź. An important advantage of this part of the city is developed public transport, which allows easy access by tram, bus or train, also from outside Łódź. The convenient location and solutions used in our investment make it possible to reach Brama Miasta conveniently by bicycle, scooter, electric car, or even through carsharing. The City Gate will be within everyone’s reach – says Krzysztof Wilczek, regional director at the Skanska office company.

Brama Miasta will consist of two fifteen-story buildings with a total area of ​​41.4 thousand m2. m. It is assumed that the complex will employ up to 5,000 people in total. people.

Between the Brama Miasta buildings, a square open to everyone will be created, enabling the organization of cultural events, such as summer cinema or outdoor exhibitions. An atmospheric patio, green spaces, small architecture, as well as numerous cafes and restaurants will make Brama Miasta an ideal place for business and social meetings. It will be used by Łódź residents, tourists and NCŁ employees. After the completion of Brama Miasta, over 10,000 specialists will work in all Skanska office investments in Łódź. Many international corporations, such as Infosys, Cybercom, Fujitsu and Whirlpool, have chosen offices in buildings in Łódź.

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