Castle in Scotland for sale. It costs much less than a house

Castle in Scotland for sale.  It costs much less than a house

A 200-year-old castle located on one of the Shetland islands has been put up for sale for only £30,000. This is significantly less than the average house price in Scotland. However, the potential buyer will have to deal with the renovation of the facility, and the costs will be much higher.

A 200-year-old castle, Brough Lodge is located on one of the Shetland Islands, in north-east Scotland. Its price is £30,000, which is not too much, considering that the average house price in Scotland is £195,391. However, the building is in a terrible condition and its future buyer will have to invest huge amounts of money in its renovation. It is estimated that it will be approximately £12 million.

Facility for tourists. What attractions can they count on?

The announcement emphasized that they were looking for a person “with a vision” who would transform the facility into a world-class recreation center. The hotel would have 24 rooms and a restaurant.

The castle was built by merchant Arthur Nicholson. He was modeled on the architecture he admired while traveling around France, Switzerland and Italy. A unique structure on an island inhabited by less than 3,000 people. people, has been empty since the 1980s. It was then that the last owner, Lady Nicholson, moved out

Although the facility is to be open to tourists, the historic character of the building is to be preserved. In addition to admiring beautiful views of the North Sea, Brough Lodge guests will have the opportunity to take part in, among others: in yoga and textile classes and learn about Shetland’s knitting and weaving traditions. The island is usually empty. There is a shop on site, a post office open for several hours during the day, and a café in the summer season.

The proceeds from the sale of the castle are to be used to teach children handicrafts.

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