Safe Credit 2%. in mBank’s offer. More favorable conditions for one group

Safe Credit 2%.  in mBank's offer.  More favorable conditions for one group

11 bank offering Safe Credit 2%. mBank became today. Active customers of the bank can count on more favorable offers. In some cases, the interest rate will be lower than the titular 2%.

On September 14, mBank joined the list of banks offering Safe Credit 2%. As Dziennik Gazeta Prawna notes, the lender’s customers will be able to count on a better offer, while others will be more expensive. Active mBank customers will receive offers ranging from 2.15 percent. and 2.45 percent If they decide to build a house that meets increased energy efficiency criteria, it will be even less than the titular 2%. In turn, people who have not been active bank customers in the last six months, after taking into account subsidies, will pay from 3.5 percent. up to 3.8 percent

Safe Credit 2%. at mBank. Less than 2% for whom?

– The offer is addressed to everyone, but our customers will receive a better offer. We have been applying this principle for years. We focus on people who actively use their account or have another loan with us. The most active customers, with appropriate inflows into their account, will receive the lowest price offer, while customers with slightly lower income and less activity will receive slightly more expensive prices. For example, if our client meets the appropriate criteria and additionally purchases a property that meets increased ecological requirements, he or she can count on an interest rate of 1.95 percent, which is even lower than the titular 2 percent. If he decides to buy an apartment that does not meet these standards, he will currently receive an offer of 2.15%. – emphasizes Piotr Rutkowski, deputy spokesman for mBank, quoted by the newspaper.

– An external customer who has no relationship with us will receive a more expensive offer. Currently, the difference is 1.35 percentage points. This applies to both the Safe Credit program and any other standard mortgage – he adds.

The bank requires a minimum of 20%. own contribution, but it cannot be higher than PLN 200,000. zloty. Your own contribution may be a plot of land. Then, to receive a loan with a subsidy, its value together with the loan amount cannot exceed PLN 1 million.

Almost 50 thousand conclusions

Safe Credit Program 2%. was launched at the beginning of July this year. Minister of Development and Technology Waldemar Buda announced a few days ago that during the first ten weeks of the program, 47,607 loan applications were submitted and 7,682 contracts were concluded for a total amount of approximately PLN 2.917 billion. The average loan amount is PLN 379,666.

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