The huge popularity of the 2 percent loan. One of the banks changes the rules

The huge popularity of the 2 percent loan.  One of the banks changes the rules

The rules for accepting applications for a 2 percent loan have changed since Friday at PKO BP. with a state subsidy. According to the intermediaries, this move was intended to limit the number of applicants for loans on preferential terms, because there are so many applicants that it is difficult to serve them all. The bank explains that the change was needed for another reason.

Bank PKO BP has changed the rules for accepting applications for a 2 percent loan. from intermediaries. Until now, they could send documents by courier or post. Now they have to appear in person at one of the Intermediary Service Teams. Intermediaries accuse the bank of trying to unload the queue in this way, because it is not able to serve all applicants. When asked about it by the editors of Business Insider, the bank replies that it is about the quality of the submitted documents.

PKO answers

“When accepting the application, the employee immediately verifies the correctness of the documents – this solution allows to eliminate situations in which customers, when expecting a credit decision, are asked to fill in the gaps or eliminate errors in the documentation,” writes the bank in response to Business Insider’s questions.

He also adds that it does not require intermediaries to appear in person at the bank’s headquarters, and teams servicing intermediaries are located in each region.

“Safe 2% credit”. – basic conditions

“Safe 2% credit”. can enlist a person up to 45 years of age. If spouses apply for a loan, the age condition must be met by one of the partners. The loan can only be granted for the first apartment, so a person who already owns another property, even a small studio apartment in another region of Poland, cannot apply for the subsidy. If one of the spouses owns real estate, even if it was purchased before the wedding and constituted personal property, this excludes the spouses from the program.

The maximum loan amount with a subsidy cannot exceed PLN 500,000. PLN, if the applicant is single (single) or PLN 600,000. PLN, when the borrower runs a household together with his spouse or has at least one child – PLN 600,000. zloty. Own contribution can be up to 200,000. zloty. This means that a flat (regardless of whether it comes from the secondary or primary market) can cost a maximum of PLN 700,000 or PLN 800,000. zloty.

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