“Political theater”. Minister of Finance on the president’s decision regarding the budget

"Political theater". Minister of Finance on the president's decision regarding the budget

Today, President Andrzej Duda signed the budget law for 2024, but at the same time decided to refer it to the Constitutional Tribunal for post-control. Andrzej Domański, Minister of Finance, commented on the decision of the head of state.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the Chancellery of the President announced that President Andrzej Duda decided to sign the budget act for 2024 and the budget-related act. At the same time, the president decided to refer the above-mentioned laws, under the procedure of post-control, to the Constitutional Tribunal to examine their compliance with the Constitution.

The Minister of Finance comments on the president’s decision

– Due to doubts related to the correctness of the procedure for adopting the above-mentioned acts, i.e. the inability of MPs Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik to participate in the work of the Sejm on these acts, the President decided to refer the above acts, in the mode of post-control, to the Constitutional Tribunal to examine their compliance with the Constitution – the Chancellery of the President announced in a statement.

The Chancellery of the President also informed that “similar actions will be taken by the President of the Republic of Poland each time Members of Parliament are prevented from exercising their mandate resulting from general elections.”

Finance Minister Andrzej Domański commented on the president’s decision in a comment for Money.pl. – It’s good that the budget has been signed. We will be able to implement raises for teachers and other commitments made to voters. I will leave this political theater practiced by Mr. President without comment – commented the head of the Ministry of Finance.

Let us recall that the Sejm adopted the budget act on January 18. It predicts that in 2024, state revenues will amount to PLN 682.4 billion. Taxes will contribute almost PLN 603.9 billion to the budget. The expenditure limit was set at PLN 866.4 billion and is higher than that planned in the amended Budget Act for 2023 by nearly PLN 173 billion, or 24.9%. Therefore, the state budget deficit is estimated at no more than PLN 184 billion. The budget deficit of European funds was set at PLN 32.5 billion.

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