The “saddest” elephant in the world has passed away. He didn’t manage to get out of captivity

The "saddest" elephant in the world has passed away.  He didn't manage to get out of captivity

Elephants are undoubtedly powerful and beautiful animals. Unfortunately, they do not always live in easy and pleasant conditions that allow them to function as nature would require. Sometimes they remain in captivity until the end of their days. This was the case with an individual in the Philippines. She died a few days ago.

The mammal in question is a female named Mali, also called the “saddest” elephant in the world. Although efforts had been made for years to free her from captivity, unfortunately these actions did not end with much success. The situation took place in the Philippines at the Manila Zoo. Now it is known that the animal died and did not live to see any happy moments.

The “saddest” elephant in the world has passed away. Difficult life not only because of slavery

The impact on the life of the so-called It wasn’t easy for the world’s saddest elephant, not only the captivity in which he spent most of his days. The elephant’s negative well-being was also caused by other factors. The most important event was the death of her faithful companion Sawa, who passed away 23 years ago. Since 1990, Mali was the only elephant in the Philippines and felt very lonely.

The female was born in Sri Lanka in 1981. She arrived at the zoo only after she was 11 months old – she was given as a gift to the country’s first lady, Imelda Marcos. Mali became a zoo attraction in the Philippines for about four decades and knew no other territory.

About the so-called poor health condition the saddest elephant was reported by the BBC. The animal felt great pain, which was confirmed by a veterinarian. Unfortunately, medications and vitamins did not help, Mali died on Tuesday (November 28), a few hours after attempts to save her life. It turned out that the elephant had cancer.

“Rest in peace, Mali, you deserve much more,” representatives of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wrote in the media after the sad facts came to light.

Activists wanted freedom for the “saddest” elephant. Failed to

Activists interested in the fate of the elephant tried to do everything in their power to support him, at least in the last moments of his life. He was to spend these days outside of captivity. The volunteers’ goal was to place the animal in a sanctuary in Thailand. Even the British composer of The Beatles, Paul McCartney, requested this course of affairs.

The zoo authorities were against releasing the elephant. They justified their decision with fear for his life, which he spent practically all of in captivity. There was concern about whether he would cope in different conditions and among similar companions. Ultimately, activists did not seek to negotiate change.

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