Off-season holidays? It is beautiful in these countries all year round

Off-season holidays?  It is beautiful in these countries all year round

Off-season holidays have many advantages. The number of tourists is much smaller than in summer. In addition, the prices of accommodation and attractions are falling. Which places are sunny all year round? It is worth going here outside of July and August.

  • Sunny Canary Islands
  • Vacation in Venezuela
  • The mysterious Cape Verde Islands
  • Holidays in the hot Dominican Republic

Holiday in autumn, winter or spring? For many people this seems impossible. However, they do not know that in the off-season they can still feel summer in many places. Just plan a trip to places where the sun shines almost all year round.

Sunny Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are an ideal holiday destination regardless of the season. Even though they are located in the Atlantic Ocean, they have a dry tropical climate. Due to the Azores High in this region of Spain, the sun shines almost all year round. Even if the highest rainfall occurs in winter and spring, it does not exceed 40 l/m2.

The warmest is in July and August, when thermometers stay at 27-29 degrees Celsius. However, in winter it is also much warmer than in many European countries.

Off-season, the average temperature is 17-18 degrees. However, despite such a drop, you can still use hot water that remains at 20-22 degrees. Therefore, it is not a problem to take a diving or surfing course even in January.

Vacation in Venezuela

Traveling to Venezuela is still not very popular among Polish tourists. However, there are more and more offers aimed specifically at these regions of South America. No wonder. Temperatures there stay around 25-29 degrees all year round. However, you should carefully check the weather in the place where you plan to stay. In the mountains the temperature is much lower.

Many tourists may be afraid of the rainy season, but they needn’t be. Venezuela is the country that receives the most rainfall between May and October. Therefore, the best decision will be to go outside the season. Instead of freezing in sweatshirts and jackets in Poland, we can enjoy the Caribbean sun and see with our own eyes the highest waterfall in the world – Salto Angel.

The mysterious Cape Verde Islands

The Cape Verde Islands are another region worth paying attention to. Even though the climate is similar to the Caribbean, we can find much cheaper travel offers in this region. Therefore, it is worth changing the direction of the trip and visiting the area around the coast of Africa.

The rainy season in Cape Verde lasts from August to September. This is a very short period considering the dry and tropical climate of the area. Moreover, from autumn to late spring, temperatures stay around 25 degrees. These are ideal conditions for active recreation. During our vacation, we can visit an active volcano, sail on a glass-bottom ship or take a walk around shark bay.

Holidays in the hot Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is known mainly for its paradise landscapes and beautiful beaches. However, it offers much more. We shouldn’t be afraid of the rainy season there either. Even though it occurs twice a year, it rains for a maximum of one hour during the day. So it is not so burdensome when planning trips.

The Dominican Republic has a tropical climate. The sun shines for about 1/3 of the day, and the seaside wind gives us a pleasant feeling of coolness. The highest temperatures occur in May and October. Then the thermometer stays at 30-35 degrees. This is a slight difference compared to the rest of the year, when average temperatures are 27-30 degrees.

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