Dominika Kulczyk sold the residence in London that she bought 3 years ago

Dominika Kulczyk sold the residence in London that she bought 3 years ago

This may be the biggest real estate transaction in London this year: Dominika Kulczyk sold a luxurious residence that she bought three years ago for £57.5 million. In the meantime, its value has increased significantly.

According to foreign media reports, Dominika Kulczyk has sold a luxury property in London, which she purchased only 3 years ago. The residence, located near Hyde Park, cost 57.5 million pounds (approximately PLN 288.5 million).

The property is located in Knightsbridge – one of the most luxurious districts of London. Kulczyk bought the house from famous developer Mike Spink.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the residence has been purchased by Serum Institute CEO Adar Poonawalla. The daily wrote that it was “the most expensive residence in London”. In the meantime, the price of the property has increased significantly: British media report that the businessman spent 138 million pounds (or approximately PLN 690 million) for this purpose.

Dominika Kulczyk sold a luxury property in London

If these numbers are true, this was a record property transaction this year in London. The previous sales record is attributed to the Rutland Gate 2-8a residence. The buyer paid £210 million for it (over PLN 1 billion).

Adar Poonawalla knows the property well, as he has been renting it from Dominika Kulczyk since March 2021. He will not only live in the new house, but also work: the businessman plans to use part of the purchased property as the headquarters of one of his companies.

Malta Festival in a new way

A few days ago we wrote about another interesting transaction involving Dominika Kulczyk. It bought the rights to the most important cultural festival in Poznań – Malta Festival – which has been struggling with financial problems for 10 years. The transaction as a result of which a large, public cultural event passes into private hands is a precedent in Poland and one of the first such cases in Europe.

Malta Festival Poznań is an event that has been taking place in the capital of Greater Poland for over 30 years. The foundation that owns the rights to the brand is currently bankrupt. Its problems began 10 years ago, when one concert had to be canceled due to a structural defect on the stage. The performer received a fee for it, and the audience was refunded the money for the tickets. A long and expensive process was initiated with the company providing technical support for the stage. Despite the victory, the festival did not recover from its financial problems. The pandemic crisis, war and lack of external sources of financing contributed to this.

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