The Razem Party criticizes “Mieszkanie na start”. He will not support the project

The Razem Party criticizes "Mieszkanie na start".  He will not support the project

MPs from the Razem party criticize the assumptions of the new government housing program. Daria Gosek-Popiołek accuses the minister of repeating the mistakes of his predecessors, and the program will continue to increase prices. Nine Razem MPs may not vote for the project.

MP from the Razem party, Daria Gosek-Popiołek, announced at a press conference on Monday that the party she represented would not support the new government program “Mieszkanie na start”, which is to replace the Safe 2% loan. MPs from the Razem party accuse the government of not learning from the mistakes of “BK2”, which increased prices by several percent, as a result of which the prices of apartments in the largest cities exceed PLN 12,000. PLN and are becoming less and less available even for well-earning people.

The Razem Party will not support “Apartment for starters”

– As MPs from the Razem party, we will not raise our hands for another hybrid program that only pretends to be a solution to the housing crisis, but in fact it will only deepen it – said MP Daria Gosek-Popiołek.

The government decides to allocate PLN 12-13 billion for the “Mieszkanie na start” program. How much money will be allocated to local governments to support housing during this time? How much will it spend on social housing? The real solutions to the housing crisis are subsidies and preferential loans for local governments, the mobilization of funds for the renovation of urban vacant buildings, and the creation of land banks for the needs of local governments in order to build housing estates there. Therefore, we will demand that the ministry’s proposal be supplemented with a municipal construction component, said Gosek-Popiołek.

Buda on bad estimates regarding the 2% safe loan.

Waldemar Buda, who as the Minister of Development was responsible for the implementation of “BK2”, was asked on Polish Radio about the underestimation of the program costs, as a result of which the money allocated for it was used earlier than expected. He noted that interest in the program increased when the new coalition announced its liquidation.

– If in October, after the Platform won the elections, it was announced that the loan would be liquidated, I am not surprised that people flocked to this loan, knowing that it would be liquidated at the end of the year – Buda explained on Radio Trójka.

Starter apartment – ​​rules

The age limit for singles in the program will be 35 years. Other farms will not have such a limit. However, there will be income limits, the thresholds are to be:

  • 10 thousand PLN gross for a single room

  • 18 thousand for 2 persons

  • 23 thousand for 3 people

  • 28 thousand for 4 people

  • 33 thousand for 5 people.

The program envisages the introduction of the zloty for zloty principle, up to the amount of PLN 500, which means that exceeding the limit will not deprive you of the subsidy.

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