New Ursus. The industrial district of Warsaw will change its appearance. Consultations are starting

New Ursus.  The industrial district of Warsaw will change its appearance.  Consultations are starting

A housing estate with 1.5 thousand sq m is to be built on the site of the industrial hall of the former Ursus factory. apartments, a primary school, a kindergarten, a nursery, a park and a space for art. Until the end of March, residents can comment on the investment as part of public consultations.

Although more than a dozen years have passed since the end of agricultural tractor production in Warsaw's Ursus, huge industrial facilities still dominate the district's landscape. One of them is an industrial hall at ul. Gierdziejewskiego 7, which will soon be replaced by a modern housing estate combined with an educational complex.

On a plot of 5.2 ha, the developer intends to build a housing estate with 1,454 apartments, a public school for 645 children with a multi-functional sports hall, as well as a commercial kindergarten and a nursery. The investment will also include the creation of numerous service points, a square with a fountain, a central park with a woonerf and playgrounds, and an art space, the use of which will be developed in cooperation with the district's residents.

New Ursus is to be a green housing estate. It is planned to plant nearly two hundred trees, create flower meadows and tenants' gardens, and cover the building facades with climbing plants. In total, the biologically active area is to constitute as much as one third of the plot being transformed.

– Our vision when creating the project was to create a space that would meet urban requirements and solve environmental, social, cultural and urban problems – says Paweł Pyłka, the author of the project.

The investment is to be built on the basis of the Lex Developer Act, and its commencement will be preceded by an “Investment Dialogue” with the local community. The investor invites everyone interested to two online meetings: March 12 and 21 at 5.30 p.m. and for the live meeting to be held on March 26 at 6.00 p.m. at Primary School No. 2 with Integration Departments. Jana Pawła II at 47 Orłów Piastowskich Street in Warsaw.

The Nowy Ursus project is carried out by Ronson Development, and the N42 Agency is responsible for the process of conducting public consultations in accordance with the Instruction of the Mayor of Warsaw.

The investment dialogue will end on March 31. All opinions can be submitted via the form available at, sent by e-mail to (email protected) or presented at meetings with the investor.

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