“Bytom – a new district of Krakow.” The creative advertisement became a hit on the Internet

Apartments priced at PLN 3.8 thousand.  PLN per square meter  This region is not expensive

How to sell a nice apartment for a higher amount? Both apartment owners and some real estate agents are looking for more and more creative methods to attract as many buyers as possible. One of them is an unusual advertisement that recently appeared on the Internet. The offer quickly became an online hit, even though the advertiser assigned the location of his apartment to another city.

This real estate sale announcement received wide coverage on social media. A few days ago, an unusual offer appeared on the Internet, which surprised not only Internet users, but also many experienced real estate agents. “Atmospheric, beautiful apartment only 1 hour 15 minutes from the center of Krakow!” — this is the first sentence of the ad that distracts most readers from the correct location. We learn about this later.

Apartment in Bytom. The seller used a clever marketing trick

Internet users’ attention is attracted not only by the tasteful furnishings of the apartment, but also by the low price of the premises, as it would seem for the capital of Lesser Poland. A modern four-room apartment in a tenement house costs PLN 697,000. zloty. Many people wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to purchase real estate. Only at the end of the advertisement does information about its location in Bytom appear.

Error in the advertisement? According to experts, there can be no mistake both in the sales offer and in specifying the location of another city. Both cities are located in different voivodeships and are over 100 km away from each other. Hence, the title included information about the travel time: 1 hour. and 15 minutes.

Real estate offer. Internet users responded to the creative description of the location

It didn’t take long for Internet users to react. “Bytom – New district of Krakow” – wrote one of the users of the website X (formerly Twitter). At first, many Internet users praised the advertiser for being one of the few who provided the correct travel time from a town near Krakow to the city center, and not the time in the middle of the night when you drive on empty streets.

Subsequent entries appeared when users learned that it was a city located in a different voivodeship. “Advertising as a lever of trade” – wrote Internet users. Others added, ironizing their proposals for announcements: “3h 15min from Warsaw and 24h from Zurich”. However, most of them were critical of the apartment owner, who changed the location of Bytom to “Kraków, Krowodrza”.

Creative announcement. Bytom is one of the cheapest cities on the real estate market

Many people asked what the advertiser wanted to achieve by publishing an unusual offer online. According to real estate market specialists, this is a new form of marketing activities to attract as many customers as possible. And all for one economic reason. Bytom is one of the cheapest cities in Poland when it comes to the real estate market.

In recent months, apartment prices in the largest Polish cities have skyrocketed. In Warsaw, Krakow or Tricity, a studio or two-room apartment with a small area costs almost PLN 1 million. However, there are exceptions to this rule. The situation is completely different in the Silesian Voivodeship, where the increase in the price of a square meter of housing has not yet reached most towns in this region.

Apartments in Bytom. Average price per square meter surprises customers

The cheapest apartment available for sale in Bytom costs PLN 100,000. zloty. According to a report by the Somar Home agency, the average price of a square meter of an apartment in this city is currently PLN 3,862 per square meter. Data from other companies show that the average price of a square meter of real estate in Bytom is several hundred zlotys higher, as we wrote in Wprost.pl. The average value of real estate in Bytom is PLN 235.6 thousand. zloty. According to local agents, you can also buy slightly more expensive apartments in other districts, where the price per square meter is PLN 4,400. PLN or slightly more expensive.

Bytom is no exception on the Silesian real estate map, where apartment prices vary greatly. You can also buy your dream M cheaper in neighboring cities. In Ruda Śląska, the average price per square meter is around PLN 4,450. The cheapest properties can be found in the northern part of this city. Apartments in Świętochłowice, where real estate prices are still stable, are also very popular among buyers. Current prices per square meter in this city are around PLN 4,500. zloty.

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