Jan Pietrzak caused a scandal at Telewizja Republika. This is how Michał Rachoń showed it

Jan Pietrzak caused a scandal at Telewizja Republika.  This is how Michał Rachoń showed it

Michał Rachoń referred to the shocking words of Jan Pietrzak in the “#Jedziemy” program on Telewizja Republika. He showed the context in which the satirist’s “cruel joke” was made.

Jan Pietrzak’s New Year’s Eve words on Republika TV resonated loudly. – We have barracks for immigrants: in Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka, Stutthof. We have a lot of barracks built by the Germans and there we will detain the immigrants illegally forced into our territory by the Germans, said the satirist.

Michał Rachoń about controversial words on Republika TV

The issue was raised by Michał Rachoń at the end of his program “#Jedziemy” on Telewizja Republika. – Let’s show something that was not shown or quoted in the media after the entire media and political cartel of the Third Polish Republic was outraged at Jan Pietrzak. Everyone can evaluate his words. Recognize whether these words are wise or unwise. Everyone has the opportunity to evaluate it on their own and has the opportunity to do so, the publicist began.

– It is worth saying what the entire statement was about and that the words he said were related to the policy imposed on Poland and other countries, which Germany has included, among others, to its coalition agreement. We will not repeat this fragment, which is the cause of the entire storm, but we will show you what he said before and after these words, and what the conversation in the studio looked like – added Rachoń.

The context of Jan Pietrzak’s words

– Enough of German rule in Poland. We have to be decisive about this. We did not join the European Union to work under the dictates of the Germans. All the facts that they accomplish in such a short time are definitely anti-Polish. The Odra River is no longer suitable for use by Poles, the communication center needs to be closed down, something needs to be done, day after day. We need to introduce immigrants, Pietrzak said before making a “cruel joke”.

– People who escape to a better world are not illegal. The authorities that let them in are illegal, i.e. the Germans are illegal, their slogan welcoming the newcomers was illegal, it was outside the treaty, it was inconsistent with any laws. This is an illegal German activity, we should be aware of it in the coming year. It seems that they are starting to get into our heads and it annoys me – were the words of the satirist after the scandalous words.

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