He entered a national park in Poland. He will pay dearly for this

He entered a national park in Poland.  He will pay dearly for this

Staying in national parks requires following strict rules that apply there. If the rules are ignored, tourists may face heavy fines. A German has learned this the hard way in recent days.

There are over 20 national parks in Poland. One of them is the Karkonosze National Park, created in 1959 and covering an area of ​​over 13,000. ha. It is located in the province. Lower Silesia, right next to the border with the Czech Republic. And it was on its premises that an unusual event recently took place.

One of the foreign tourists drove into this area by car. This is completely forbidden, and therefore he will suffer an extremely high penalty for it.

He entered the national park by car

Photos appeared on the Facebook profile of the Karkonosze National Park showing a car that appeared in the protected area. The driver entered the park, drove to the side of the road and hung over the ditch. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just that he couldn’t get out that became his problem.

It seems that the incident was caused by a German citizen who made a navigation mistake and ended up driving in the park in the Karkonosze Mountains. Even though he tried to explain himself, he faces severe consequences.

“A German citizen received a thousand zlotys fine for entering a national park by car, who, as he claims, trusted the navigation and wanted to go to the Czech Republic via Petrówka, i.e. the black trail from Jagniątkowo. This is not only illegal, but also impossible. You can’t travel along this trail even in summer, because at the top it is only a path,” wrote the park’s representatives on social media.

The man couldn’t get the car out, so he waited until someone finally came to help.

“The man drove to the side of the road in the dark, hung over the ditch and stayed there. He was afraid that someone would steal his car, so he spent a lot of time with it. An additional cost for the driver will be the fee for calling a tow truck,” it added.

Have you ever witnessed something similar?

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