How has the situation of women changed under the PiS government? Bad news for the ruling party

How has the situation of women changed under the PiS government?  Bad news for the ruling party

The latest survey shows that, according to almost half of Poles, the situation of women in Poland has deteriorated during the term of office of Law and Justice.

Pracownia Kantar, commissioned by “Fakty” TVN and TVN24, checked the situation of women in Poland during the eight years of rule by Law and Justice. 49 percent Poles believe that it has worsened – according to the latest survey. This is an increase of one percentage point compared to the June 2023 survey.

The latest survey on the situation of women from the last eight years. PiS has no reason to be happy

According to 27 percent the situation of women has improved during PiS’s two terms, which is an increase of three percentage points. compared to the previous study from three months ago. According to 17 percent respondents, the situation has not changed. This is an increase of one notch. seven percent respondents decided to choose the “don’t know/difficult to say” option.

The survey was conducted on September 5-6, 2023 on a nationwide, representative sample of one thousand people over 18 years of age.

Constitutional Tribunal judgment on abortion and death of pregnant women

Women’s main complaint against Law and Justice is related to the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal, which ruled that abortion in the case of fetal defects is incompatible with the constitution. The decision caused mass protests. There were also high-profile cases of deaths of pregnant women: Izabela from Pszczyna, Agnieszka from Częstochowa and Dorota from Nowy Targ.

– We are attacked for such things that I will not even say, because who of you, having any sense at all, will believe that I am personally responsible for the fact that seven, 10, sometimes even more women die during pregnancy every year – he defended himself on military picnic in Uniejów in mid-August Jarosław Kaczyński. The PiS president also pointed out at other times that the reason for the low fertility rate in Poland is “kicking in the neck” by young women.

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