The PiS MP explains her absence in the Sejm. She made a sad statement

The PiS MP explains her absence in the Sejm.  She made a sad statement

Observers of the parliamentary sessions noticed the absence of PiS MP Katarzyna Czochary in the chamber. The reason is very sad.

Through social media, Czochara announced why she had recently participated in the work of the Sejm. She admitted that “allegations” have recently been directed against her for this reason.

It turned out that she had a serious accident.

“I suffered many injuries”

MP Czochara published a statement on Facebook on March 29. “As a result of a very serious car accident – a head-on collision with a truck (the truck driver was the culprit) – I suffered many injuries, including the hip joint,” she explained.

Her health condition deteriorated. The doctors decided to “operate on the hip joint – replace the joint.” “The surgery took place in January this year,” she said. “Therefore, I have great limitations when it comes to walking, sitting or standing for too long. In addition, I have a lot of pain. I am also undergoing rehabilitation and slowly regaining my health and physical fitness,” reveals the right-wing MP. As she explained, her campaign “is mainly based on the work of councilor candidates and volunteers.”

Czochara also cited data on her turnout during votes in the Sejm, as well as on her participation in the proceedings. He says it has been estimated at “around 98%” – which covers eight years. “Due to the fact that I had surgery, I did not participate in the work of the Sejm,” explains the MP. She added that from her place of residence to the building located at ul. The country road takes her five hours, meanwhile long journeys are “not advisable” due to her health condition. “Additionally, the deliberations last a very long time, which exposes my hip joint to great pain,” she admitted.

Czochara is the PiS candidate in the elections for the mayor of Prudnik

Czochara lives in Moszczanka (Opole Voivodeship). In the October 2023 parliamentary elections, she ran from the list of the Law and Justice Electoral Committee, from constituency no. 21 (Olesko poviat). In the April 2024 local elections, the MP will run for mayor of Prudnik – from the list of the same committee.

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