A 10-year-old girl interviewed the Prime Minister. “You're not at school?!”

A 10-year-old girl interviewed the Prime Minister.  “You're not at school?!”

Donald Tusk met with journalists in the Sejm corridor. Among them was also a 10-year-old girl. She asked him very mature questions.

– You're not at school?! – the Prime Minister reacted to seeing the girl. Then he “was all ears.” She introduced herself, said how old she was and that she went to school in Gdańsk. The topics she raised clearly surprised Tusk.

10-year-old: Can't you send UN troops to Ukraine?

The girl asked if the United Nations couldn't send an army to Ukraine, just like in the past to the former Yugoslavia. – It's quite a complicated story and I don't want to scare you, but the troops in Yugoslavia failed the test. The UN soldiers were silent witnesses of the crimes against the inhabitants of Srebrenica, he replied.

The 10-year-old suggested that maybe the troops of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. – Real troops, NATO troops, forced an end to the war by bombing Belgrade – he said. He added that “NATO helps Ukraine a lot,” but “it does not want to get directly involved – that is, send troops – because all allies are afraid that a nuclear war could break out,” he said. He said it would be a “dramatic, even tragic situation.” – I'm not surprised that everyone is wondering about a direct war with Russia, “is it too big a risk”, but as much as possible, NATO is already helping today. Without the organization's help, Ukraine would not have been able to defend itself for so long, he concluded.

Soldiers of the French Foreign Legion on the Ukrainian front?

Although the 10-year-old wanted to talk to the Prime Minister, he replied that he “had to run to work.” However, he answered a few more questions from journalists.

In the context of this conversation, it is worth mentioning that soldiers of the French Foreign Legion were to appear on the Ukrainian front – which was reported in the media around the world at the beginning of the second week of May. There were to be approximately 100 artillery and surveillance specialists at the front. Their goal is to help in Donbas.

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