He was the one who betrayed the Civic Coalition in the regional council. Now he's back with a shocking result

He was the one who betrayed the Civic Coalition in the regional council.  Now he's back with a shocking result

Five years ago, his decision was crucial for the balance of power in the Silesian assembly. Members of Parliament called him a traitor. Now he has run again, this time from the PiS list.

In 2018, Wojciech Kałuża opened the lists of candidates of the Civic Coalition for the Silesian assembly. He appeared on the lists at the request of Nowoczesna. Thanks to it, KO, SLD and PSL had a single-seat majority in the combined forces. However, he decided to switch to the side of Law and Justice.

Betrayal by Wojciech Kałuża

Kałuża's decision received wide publicity. Demonstrations were organized in Żory, where he started. – Puddle, you twat, you traitor. Kałuża robbed me of my faith in people, said Monika Rosa, then an MP from Nowoczesna, in one of them. Krystyna Pawłowicz demanded that the parliamentarian be punished for these words.

A report was even supposed to be submitted to the prosecutor's office regarding the councilor. They were announced by Borys Budka. He suspected that Kałuża had been bribed with something. – Of course, PiS has its GetBack scandal, the NBP, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, perhaps they will have their own Silesian scandal – announced the politician.

Ultimately, Kałuża became the vice-marshal of the voivodeship. It was until the coup in November 2022, when PiS lost power in the assembly to the Civic Coalition. At that time, it was caused by the decision of Marshal Jakub Chełstowski to leave the party.

Wojciech Kałuża dismissed from the company

When PiS lost power and Kałuża lost his position, another place was found for him. At the end of 2022, he became vice-president of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa. His basic salary there was over PLN 50,000. PLN per month.

Ultimately, he had to say goodbye to this job as well. It was canceled at the beginning of January, shortly after the Civic Coalition took power. – It seems to me that this symbolically ends this gloomy stage of partisanization of everything possible. (…) We know what Kałuża became a symbol of a few years ago, commented Prime Minister Donald Tusk at the time.

A shocking result for Wojciech Kałuża

Now Kałuża has returned and ran for a seat in the regional council for the second time. He appeared as number three on the PiS list. As it turns out, it was a good choice. He obtained the highest result in the region – he collected 27,874 votes.

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