Until when will the German Patriots stay in Poland? There is a proposal from Berlin

Until when will the German Patriots stay in Poland?  There is a proposal from Berlin

Germany has proposed to extend the deployment of three sets of the Patriot air defense system in Poland until the end of 2023, Reuters reported on Tuesday, citing the German defense ministry.

The German Ministry of Defense noted, as Reuters emphasizes, that “no extension” of the deployment of Patriot systems in Poland is planned beyond the end of 2023. It was clarified that some German Patriot kits will be needed by NATO’s rapid reaction forces in 2024, while others will need maintenance.

Together with three Patriot air defense systems, about 300 German soldiers are stationed in Zamość. Reuters points out that this city is located 50 kilometers from the border with Ukraine and plays an important role in protecting the key railway connection with Ukraine.

German Patriots are stationed in Poland

German Patriot sets were deployed in Poland in January this year. The decision to redirect them to the border of NATO’s eastern flank was made after a rocket fragment fell on a grain drying plant in the village of Przewodów in November last year, killing two men.

– One of the reasons why Germany will now support NATO’s eastern flank in Poland with Patriots is certainly that we have seen how quickly the conflict between Russia and Ukraine can spread to NATO member countries – said then Colonel Jörg Sievers, who commands a German unit in Poland.

Pistorius did not immediately respond to Blaszczak’s request

Reuters recalls that during a visit to Zamość in early July, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius did not immediately respond to the request of his Polish counterpart Mariusz Błaszczak to extend the Patriots’ mission in Poland. – We are interested in the German Patriot being in Poland at least until the end of this year – said the head of the Ministry of National Defense at the time, expressing satisfaction with the presence of the system in our country.

Relations between Berlin and the ruling nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party in Warsaw are tense, with both sides arguing over a range of issues, from arms deliveries to Kiev to Poland’s rejection of a migration deal with the EU.

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