The owner of Raków is to invest in a foreign club. It’s a recognized brand

The owner of Raków is to invest in a foreign club.  It's a recognized brand

Michał Świerczewski became known as the owner of Raków Częstochowa, which he turned into a leading force in Poland. The businessman now wants to invest in a foreign club.

Raków Częstochowa is currently considered the leading team in Poland. A few years ago, the team competed at the third level of the competition. Michał Świerczewski, a well-known businessman, put a lot of money into helping Marek Papszun lead the team to the Polish championship.

Michał Świerczewski is to invest in a Slovak club

Świerczewski is constantly involved in the development of Raków. He is very interested in building a new stadium in Częstochowa. Raków had to adapt it to the conditions of the Ekstraklasa, but it is still not a level worth fighting in European cups. The “Medals” had to play home matches of the Champions League qualifiers and the Europa League group stage in Sosnowiec.

The owner of Raków does not want to limit himself only to the club from the Silesian Voivodeship. According to TVP Sport reports, the businessman is to take over the oldest team in Slovakia, Tatran Prešov. The club currently competes in the second level of the competition. Even though it is located in one of the country’s largest cities, it has not been successful in the modern history of Slovak football.

Over the years, the club went into decline and tried to find a new owner (currently it is the city). Świerczewski’s staff is to conduct an audit, after which an agreement with the city may be signed. According to the portal, the buyout amount should not be excessive, and the fact that Świerczewski is known for his very good activities in Raków allows him to gain greater approval from supporters.

Tatran Prešov is fighting for promotion to the Slovak top league

Tatran Prešov is currently second in the table of the second Slovak league. He is seven points behind the leader. In turn, Raków Częstochowa, led by Dawid Szwarga, is in fourth place in the PKO Ekstraklasa. Wrocław is nine points behind the leader Śląsk.

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