Zombie passenger on board the plane. Suddenly he bit the stewardess

Zombie passenger on board the plane.  Suddenly he bit the stewardess

This journey did not end well, neither for the passengers nor the crew. One of the flight attendants was bitten by a drunk tourist. The action took an unexpected turn.

A serious incident occurred on board the Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA). The travelers were flying from Tokyo to Seattle in the United States and did not even dream that one of the men on board would show such aggression. The stewardess was bitten on the arm. The expedition was suddenly interrupted.

Incident on board ANA. He bit the stewardess

The passenger who bit the stewardess is a 55-year-old American. He was drunk and aroused mixed feelings from the beginning. The incident happened unexpectedly. Unfortunately, no one knows exactly what motivated the man to do such an act; he probably acted thoughtlessly and under the influence of strong alcohol stimulation.

Foreign media report that the bizarre incident led some social media users to compare the passenger to a character from a zombie movie.

Stewardess bitten on the plane. The pilot had to turn back

The emergency forced the pilots to turn back over the Pacific and return to Haneda Airport in Tokyo. The unruly passenger was immediately handed over to the police and arrested. The stewardess had to be helped. Although the injuries were not serious, there was a risk of infection. Nothing happened to the other passengers.

According to the Japanese supplier TSB, when asked about his behavior after the incident, the passenger said he did not remember anything about it. The airline itself commented on the prank, writing: “The safety of our passengers and employees is ANA’s top priority and we will take all necessary actions to ensure this.”

It’s easy to admit that an unexpected accident can catch everyone by surprise. Unfortunately, despite all warnings to remain calm on board, some people absolutely do not adhere to social norms. One of the most famous incidents recently was a drunk couple arguing about money on a plane. The pilot had to turn back, and when he landed, the woman scattered banknotes on the airport tarmac.

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