Full domination of the Polish women at the beginning of the qualifying tournament. The Slovenian women had nothing to say

Full domination of the Polish women at the beginning of the qualifying tournament.  The Slovenian women had nothing to say

The Polish national volleyball team started the competition in the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games. The competition in the Atlas Arena in Łódź began with a clash with Slovenia. The match against Marco Bonitta’s team was one-sided. The Polish women dominated their opponents.

Stefano Lavarini’s volleyball players had been waiting for this tournament for several months. The organization of the qualifying competition for the Olympic Games in Łódź was certainly great, positive news for the Polish team. The bronze medalists of the 2023 Nations League have played their first match of the tournament. The clash with Slovenia went to the Poles 3-0 (25:18, 25:15, 25:22).

Full domination of Polish women over Slovenian women

The match started with the Polish women quickly leading, and after a few minutes of the match they were leading by a few points. The young Slovenian squad struggled against the midfielders’ blocks, and was mediocre at breaking into Lavarini’s players’ side. Additionally, they often made mistakes, which only increased Poland’s lead. Around the 20th point it was 7 points. Her image did not change until the end of the game. The hosts won 25:18.

Initially, the second set went like the first one, but the Slovenians managed to draw 6:6. Later, however, the state of the game began to resemble that of several minutes ago. The Polish women patiently built their advantage, and the Slovenian women, with poor effectiveness, had a problem breaking through the wall performed by Agnieszka Korneluk, Kamila Witkowska and Joanna Pacak. The weakness of the Slovenian women was so great that the White and Reds built a huge advantage. They won 25:15 and could prepare for the third game.

The Slovenians could have felt satisfied with the beginning of the third set because they were able to gain a minimal lead. Just like before, in the last game the Poles quickly destroyed their rivals’ dreams of increasing their advantage. Marco Bonitta could not help the players much, because their quality was simply inferior to the bronze medalists of the Nations League. In the middle of the set they were losing 3-4 points, but at the end of the set the Poles kept their concentration. Lavarini gave another substitute a chance to play. Although the Slovenians saved several match points, the set and the match ended with a victory for the White and Reds. After winning the third set 25:22, the Poles could enjoy their first triumph in the tournament.

Poland will play against South Korea

The most effective player of the Polish national team was Magdalena Stysiak (17 points). The next match for the White and Reds will take place tomorrow (Sunday, September 17) at 5:30 p.m. The rival of Lavarini’s team will be the Koreans.

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