The Polish volleyball star is to leave the club. This could be his next direction

The Polish volleyball star is to leave the club.  This could be his next direction

Fabian Drzyzga is considered the leading Polish quarterback. According to media reports, the player will leave Resovia Rzeszów. Speculations are ongoing regarding the player’s next club.

Fabian Drzyzga was the basic quarterback of the Polish national team for years. This changed with the arrival of Nikola Grbic, who focused primarily on Marcin Janusz supported by Grzegorz Łomacz. The two-time world champion nevertheless showed his good side in PlusLiga. Health problems in recent weeks have prevented him from playing full-time for Asseco Resovia Rzeszów.

Fabian Drzyzga may go abroad after the season

Recently, it has been said that Gregor Ropret will take over the role of Resovia’s quarterback next season. The Slovenian is currently a player of Sir Safety Susa Vim Perugia, but he will be a substitute there for another year. Simone Giannelli is in the lead there.

While there is a lot of talk about Drzyzga’s departure, it is not known where the 34-year-old would go. According to the hosts of the “Misja Siatka” program in Przegląd Sportowy Onet, a possible destination is a trip abroad to Turkey. “For his merits and his sporting level, he could find employment there,” said 2006 world runner-up Łukasz Kadziewicz.

Another possible option mentioned in the program is to remain in the PlusLiga. PSG Stal Nysa may be interested in Drzyzga’s services. The basic player in this position this season is Tsimafei Zhukouski.

Fabian Drzyzga’s volleyball career

Fabian Drzyzga started his professional career in AZS Częstochowa. Later, he represented AZS Warsaw University of Technology and Assseco Resovia Rzeszów. Then he went abroad, representing Olympiakos and Lokomitw Novosibirsk. He returned to PlusLiga in 2020, joining Resovia again.

Drzyzga made his debut for the senior team in 2010. He won two world championships with her, as well as medals in the World Cup, European Championships and Nations League.

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