Will players get bonuses again? The minister’s position is clear

Will players get bonuses again?  The minister's position is clear

Polish players will play their first match at Euro 2024 today. Will Michał Probierz’s team receive government bonuses if they advance to the next stages of the tournament? Deputy Minister of Sport Piotr Borys spoke on this matter.

Today at 3 p.m. the Polish national football team will play its first match during Euro 2024. Michał Probierz’s players will face the Dutch team. Polish players are not the favorites in this match, and we also have little chance of getting out of the group. However, as the classic said, “as long as the ball is in play”.

Will there be bonuses for players? Clear position of the deputy minister

As of today, we do not know whether we will advance to the next stages of Euro 2024. However, we know that even if we are successful, there will be no bonus from the government this time. Piotr Borys, deputy minister of sport, announced this in an interview with Polsat News.

– There is nothing worse than what happened during the last World Cup. Anything that causes huge amounts of money to be thrown in and unpaid bonuses. All this only distracts the players from the locker room and from thinking about winning. (…) The greatest honor for a footballer is playing for the national team, and the value will come by itself, this is primarily the market value of the players – said the deputy head of the Ministry of Sport.

The lack of bonuses does not mean, of course, that the players will play at the Euro for free. The mere presence in the group stage provides each team with EUR 9.25 million, i.e. over PLN 40 million. The further, the better. According to the data quoted by Money.pl, the team receives an additional EUR 1.5 million for advancing to the 1/8 finals, EUR 2.5 million for the quarter-finals, and EUR 4 million for the semi-finals. For advancing to the final, the team will receive as much as EUR 5 million. The winner of Euro 2024 can count on an additional EUR 3 million bonus. In total, the association of the national team that wins all the matches can collect EUR 28.25 million from UEFA, i.e. the equivalent of PLN 122 million.

Euro 2024 in Germany started on Friday, June 14. The tournament will end on July 14 this year. Poland is taking part in the European Football Championship for the fifth time in a row. Our greatest success was in 2016, when Adam Nawałka’s team advanced to the quarterfinals.

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