The Left MP indicated when Kłeczek will lose her position. “Oh, the first threat”

The Left MP indicated when Kłeczek will lose her position.  "Oh, the first threat"

– I hope that you will lose this position soon – said the Left MP on TVP. Anita Sowińska addressed her words to TVP journalist Miłosz Kłeczek. – Oh, the first threat – the presenter reacted.

On Sunday, October 8, another episode of the “Woronicza 17” program was broadcast on TVP. The guests discussed, among others, the migration pact and the border barrier. The presenter also touched on the issue of the referendum, informing that – according to data obtained by Telewizja Polska – more than half of Poles expressed their willingness to participate in the vote scheduled for October 15.

An argument in the TVP studio. A tuft of menace

During a conversation about the fate of illegal migrants between the Left MP and the program’s host, Miłosz Kłeczek, there was a sharp exchange of words. The journalist accused Anita Sowińska of being nervous and told her to calm down. The politician assured that she was in control of her emotions, and her resentment resulted from the attitude of the publicist.

– I hope that you will lose this position soon – said Anita Sowińska during the argument. – Oh, the first threat. The left is already threatening TVP journalists that they will lose their positions – replied Kłeczek. He emphasized that he expected such words, but he assumed that they would come from a member of the Civic Coalition.

The representative of the Left explained that the publicist is biased and acts in accordance with the narrative of Law and Justice. – There are editors who know how to behave. They are not PiS propagandists, she argued. – Unfortunately, you are a disgrace to Polish Television – she concluded.

Kropiwnicki and Kłeczek. Culture dispute

Robert Kropiwnicki from the Civic Coalition also took part in the conversation. There was also an argument between the MP and the presenter. – Please don’t bullshit people and me (…) If you’re asking a question, sit quietly for a moment and listen, he said to Kłeczek.

– Please sit quietly while I ask a question and please do not talk to me like that. Please be a cultured person, he replied to Kropiwnicki. – You will not teach anyone culture, because you have to learn it yourself – concluded the KO MP.

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