Stars invite you to the Million Heart March. Olbrychski recited “a poem about the three musketeers”

Stars invite you to the Million Heart March.  Olbrychski recited "a poem about the three musketeers"

The Million Hearts March will pass through the streets of Warsaw on Sunday, October 1. Polish stars encourage people to participate in the demonstration organized by Donald Tusk and the Civic Coalition. On this occasion, Daniel Olbrychski has prepared a special poem in which he mocks, among others, with Jarosław Kaczyński.

The Million Hearts March organized by the Civic Coalition will pass through the streets of Warsaw on Sunday, October 1. Donald Tusk’s patio is counting on a repeat of June 4 – the opposition demonstration then turned out to be a great turnout success, which resulted in a several percent increase in the polls.

However, during the summer holidays, KO’s ratings dropped to their previous level, which is why politicians do not hide the fact that they treat the demonstration as a breakthrough moment in this year’s election campaign.

Million Heart March. Daniel Olbrychski mocks Duda and Kaczyński

Polish stars encourage people to take part in the demonstration. Recordings of celebrities were made available on KO’s official social media profile. In one of the clips, Daniel Olbrychski recited a special poem in which he mocked Andrzej Duda, Mateusz Morawiecki and Jarosław Kaczyński.

– Our country has been ruled by three musketeers for many years. And how those from Dumas want to mean something in our times. Everyone has a fighting nickname to remember him. The head of the government, made entirely of wood, is Pinocchio already rotten. My fellow countryman, aren’t you fed up with his lies and insolence? The head of state, but not this one, is a puppet president. No one brought it on a platter, we, Poles, chose it – says the actor.

– And finally, such a miserable, unimaginable pest. He’s hitting Poland like a punching bag, a ridiculous dictator. What’s your advice for today? What should I do, what should I do? Maybe with a flail and a stake or trample them with cavalry? Or should we send them to the one on Twardowski’s Moon or exile them somewhere overseas together with the villa from Żoliborz? – Daniel Olbrychski wonders.

Agata Młynarska encourages you to participate in the Million Hearts March

On October 1, Agata Młynarska will also march arm in arm with Donald Tusk. – I feel my heart beating. He is one of a million hearts joining the Million Heart March. This won’t be an ordinary walk. This is a Polish walk that leads to a better country where we live – emphasized the presenter.

– On October 1, we will join this walk in which a million hearts will beat for Poland. For Poland, of which we will not have to be ashamed. For Poland, where everyone should be happy. For an open, European and joyful Poland. For Poland, which does not exclude anyone, she encouraged.

Majka Jeżowska and Andrzej Piaseczny arm in arm with Donald Tusk

Majka Jeżowska will also appear at the Million Hearts March. – Did you know that on October 1, the Million Hearts March will take place in Warsaw, which can change our lives? This march can chase away the evil that is happening in Poland. I will be at the Dmowskiego roundabout at 12 p.m. And where are you marching to? Be with us, see you soon – appealed the artist.

Andrzej Piaseczny will also be among the participants of the demonstration. The singer said that he was going to the march organized by Donald Tusk because “he believes that among these millions, one of them also counts.” – Mine is also important, just like yours, so let’s meet at the march – he concluded.

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