Edible crickets in the Żabki application. We check prices

Edible crickets in the Żabki application.  We check prices

Edible insects end up under roofs, or at least in the Żabka Jush application. We check the prices of the “replacement for chips” and cricket flour.

Just recently, right-wing media threatened that opposition politicians, and above all the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, would force Poles to eat insects. This panic stemmed from the fact that the mayor of the capital signed the C40 Cities report, which includes a call to limit eating meat in favor of other products.

A few months have passed, no crickets have appeared in bulk in discount stores, and only from time to time a store introduces products based on insect protein. Some restaurants even decided to serve hamburgers with insects, but it did not lead to any revolution.

Anyone curious about what dishes made from powdered insects taste like can use the FoodBugs app. According to the website dlahandlu.pl, from the beginning of 2023, the company is focusing on expanding the availability of its products by establishing cooperation with retail chains. The offer includes edible insects in the flavor of bbq chicken, tomato and products based on cricket flour, such as protein bars.

Insects from Żabka

So far, insect novelties have been available in small organic stores, but soon they will be available for purchase in the Żabka Jush application.We are excited about the opportunity to cooperate with Żabka Jush and the opportunity to reach a completely new group of customers using the Żabka Jush application. Żabka Jush customers are mainly young people, open to original and new food products,” said Patryk Sienkiewicz, executive director of FoodBugs, in an interview with dlahandlu.pl.

And how much does it cost? A package of 20 g of dried crickets flavored with cream and onion costs PLN 14.9 in the FoodBugs online store. “They are a healthy alternative to chips and conventional snacks when meeting friends. Crickets can also be used in the kitchen as a topping for salads, soups or pizza. Crickets are rich in high-quality protein and minerals such as calcium, iron and vitamin B12. They also contain essential Omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids,” the manufacturer praises.

Cricket flour (100 g) costs PLN 22.9. The company explains that cricket flour is not a substitute for regular flour such as wheat flour. “You can mix it with another type of flour or simply add it to your favorite recipe, e.g. smoothies, pancakes, cookies, muffins, banana bread, omelets, cookies, etc.” – we read.

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