Adult film star testifies in Trump trial. She told how she spent the night with him

Adult film star testifies in Trump trial.  She told how she spent the night with him

In the second week of May, Donald Trump met with Stormy Daniels in the courtroom. The former US president didn't even want to look in her direction. Her detailed testimony clearly upset the Republican candidate.

The next hearing regarding “hush money” – this is the name of the scandal between the 45th president of the United States and an adult film star – took place on May 7. In 2006, Trump allegedly met with Stephanie Gregory Clifford (that's Daniels' real name). A decade later, however, the affair, which public opinion suspected him of when he was running for president, was not in his favor – that's why he decided to pay her 130,000 for her silence. hole. However, the trial is mainly about the alleged falsification of business documents, which did not include the amount of money. According to the prosecutor's office, the idea of ​​transferring money “quietly” to the actress was to prevent a scandal from breaking out, which would negatively affect the millionaire's image.

Daniels talked about the details of her meeting with Trump

Daniels testified in court on Tuesday as a witness in the entire case. She said she met Trump in 2006 – as described by the American station CBS News. It took place at a golf tournament organized on Lake Tahoe in Nevada. You could meet celebrities and stars there. She came across several famous people that day.

Trump also allegedly noticed her there. He then learned that Daniels not only starred in films, but also directed them, which was supposed to impress him. He commented that she “must be smart.” He later sent his bodyguard, who told her that the self-proclaimed billionaire wanted to have dinner with her. According to Politico, she was asked in the courtroom if she saw Trump in the room – then the star pointed the finger at the former president. He didn't even turn his head towards her. Returning to her testimony, Daniels said she did not agree to Trump's proposal. As she confessed, the reason was that he was supposed to be “older than her father” at the time. It is worth adding that the star was 27 years old, while the owner of the 202-meter Trump Tower skyscraper in New York was 33 years older than her.

However, the initial reluctance was later overcome – thanks to the influence of her friends. They reportedly persuaded her to meet with Trump. So she soon reached the security guard she had talked to earlier and asked for information about the billionaire's whereabouts. He was in his hotel suite. She described in detail what the room looked like – including: the appearance of the floor, as well as the size of the apartment (she stated that it was three times larger than her apartment). Trump was supposed to be dressed in pajamas, which Daniels didn't like, so she asked him to change, and he immediately agreed. He allegedly asked her questions about her “career” in the adult film industry, but also about tests for venereal diseases, health insurance and trade unions, which was supposed to appeal to the actress. He also offered her an opportunity to appear in the variety show “The Apprentice”, which he hosted until the 14th season. In Poland, this program was called “Trampolina”. Participants could apply for jobs with businessmen. Daniels knew at the time that Trump was hosting the show, but she was never supposed to watch it.

“You remind me of my daughter”

Trump also allegedly said at the dinner that Daniels “reminds him of his daughter.” He said the star was “equally beautiful, smart” and “underrated.” During the meeting, after about two hours, Daniels went to the toilet, and when she returned, Trump was allegedly dressed only in a T-shirt and boxer shorts. He allegedly “stood in her way to leave”, but she emphasized that she did not feel threatened in this situation (no violence was used against her). She didn't leave the room – they spent the night together. She also said that she allegedly did not remember what exactly happened, although she was not under the influence of any mind-altering substances. “It was like I lost consciousness,” she told the court. She described that the room seemed to “rotate in slow motion.” All she remembers is that she was probably wearing only a bra when she was lying on the bed. The court then asked that Daniels not describe everything that happened that night in so much detail. The millionaire allegedly wanted to meet her again and tried to put his lips closer to her. At this time, however, she felt nervous.

Then there was a reunion between Trump and Daniels – in one of the nightclubs. She agreed to the interview because they were both “in a public place.” Later, the former president allegedly called her about once a week. Why did Daniels continue the relationship? As she admitted, it was all because of the suggestion of her then agent, who claimed that her appearance in the “Trampoline” program could be beneficial to the development of her career.

The last time Daniels saw the millionaire was in mid-2007. She ignored him then. One day, Trump called, but the news was not good for her – he said that he would not appear in the American reality show. The adult film star testified in court that later the idea came to tell the public about the alleged affair. Her agent, Gina Rodriguez, allegedly suggested it to her. However, no one wanted to pay for it. It soon dawned on her that Trump would do it. The agent then allegedly contacted Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen. The star testified that she did not care about receiving the money – after a while she felt that she wanted the matter to just go away. She hoped it would not be made public.

Trump's defense claims Daniels is a fraud. He just wants to monetize his five minutes of fame

According to Politico, during the trial, prosecutors spoke of Daniels as an “entrepreneurial, ambiguous” person who “fights against stereotypical thinking about the industry” with which she is associated. They talked about her love for her daughter, her professional activity not related only to the adult industry, as well as the books she wrote. It was mentioned that in 2009 she was considering running for the Senate. However, Trump's defense described her figure differently – in their opinion, she is a “blackmailer” who lies, and fate gave her “five minutes” of fame, which she now wants to monetize.

It is worth adding that during dinner, Stormy asked Trump about Melania. He stated that they allegedly “don't even sleep together.” Trump also spoke at times during the actress' testimony. For example, when she said that he took out a magazine with a photo of himself while they were eating a meal together, and she took it from him and hit him on the butt, asking if he was “always so rude.” “Nonsense,” he said, prompting the court's reaction. In the courtroom, Trump also cursed and shook his head, which the court said could have “scared the witness.” This type of reaction was forbidden to him.

Donald Trump pleads not guilty. He claims he never had sex with Stormy Daniles. As he points out, all accusations in this case are false.

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