Scandal on Telewizja Republika. “Holland is definitely already writing the script.”

Scandal on Telewizja Republika.  “Holland is definitely already writing the script.”

Fr. Michał O. will spend the next three months in custody. The case was commented on in a bizarre way on Telewizja Republika.

The employees of Telewizja Republika could not resist commenting on the case of the detained priest. Michał O. In the “Speaking” program, the presenter Jacek Sobala recalled the recording recorded in February this year.

Absurdity on Telewizja Republika

In the video, Fr. Michał O. mentioned the journalist who, according to the priest's report, was to call his sick mother to obtain information incriminating him. – I want to wholeheartedly ask the Minister of Justice, Adam Bodnar, for help to stop this madness. So that we can sit at the table, so that we can talk like people in a civilized way – appealed the priest.

In response, Jacek Sobala stated that “Agnieszka Holland is definitely already writing the script for the film 'To Kill a Priest 2'.” In this way, the presenter referred to the film “To Kill a Priest” by a Polish director, the plot of which was inspired by the story of Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko.

Justice Fund. Arrest for three people

On March 26, the services launched a large-scale operation. At the request of the prosecutor's office, dozens of places throughout the country were searched. The targets included, among others: the houses of Zbigniew Ziobro and other United Right politicians – Dariusz Matecki, Michał Woś and Marcin Romanowski. The proceedings concern the use of funds from the Justice Fund. The officers entered, among others, to three buildings belonging to the Sacred Heart Order.

Five people were arrested in connection with the case and some were charged. Among them is Fr. Michał O. Moreover, by the court's decision, the priest will spend the next three months in custody. Judge Grzegorz Krysztofiuk explained that the court's justification indicated that there were three reasons for applying the measure: the fear of procedural fraud, escape and the severe punishment that would be imposed on the suspects.

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