“Indiscretions”. PiS wants to create a new Andrzej Duda. Testing two names

"Indiscretions".  PiS wants to create a new Andrzej Duda.  Testing two names

What is Adam Bielan, PiS MEP, afraid of, and what is Donald Tusk afraid of? Politicians of Jarosław Kaczyński's party are dissatisfied with whose run for the European Parliament? Who is PiS checking as a possible candidate for the presidential race? Why did the Prime Minister decide to get rid of the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration by sending him to Brussels? We write about this and other matters in “Parliamentary Indiscretions”.

PiS conference last Saturday started a campaign for the European Parliament. The staff is to include both Jacek Kurski and Adam Bielan, two spin doctors. Both politicians are on the same list for the European Parliament.

– Kurski will try to slander Adam in the campaign. Kura's best friend will soon become Michał Szczerba, who was tracking down abuses at NCBiR, laughs our interlocutor, who participated in Saturday's PiS conference.

The former president of TVP assured us that there would be no unhealthy competition between him and Adam Bielan, because both politicians wanted the best possible result on the joint list. And in Mazovia, PiS still has two seats.

Our other interlocutor claims, that Jarosław Kaczyński arranged the lists in such a way as to mobilize top politicians to work hard.

– The president wants to force the first MPs to work, and the results of the next MPs on the list will also be important. Kaczyński will watch it, he says.

The process of compiling lists for the European Parliament caused a stir in PiS conflicts, because after all, the stakes in the elections are high, and more precisely, there are high salaries in Brussels.

– There is great dissatisfaction in the party that Daniel Obajtek, former head of PKN Orlen, is running for the European Parliament. He has a lot of money for the campaign, so he will beat other candidates – a PiS politician tells us.

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