KO sees PiS gaining in the polls. “I will not hide. “It was pissed off”

KO sees PiS gaining in the polls.  "I will not hide.  "It was pissed off"

The Civic Coalition is aware that it is currently at a standstill, and PiS is lagging behind in the polls. However, the staff are convinced that the key moment of the campaign has not come.

According to a survey by Kantar for Fakty TVN, 37 percent want to vote for PiS. respondents, and 31 percent of respondents voted for the Civic Coalition. – I will not hide. There was anger – a source close to KO’s staff commented in an interview with Onet. Such a result would mean that Law and Justice stabilized its support at around 37-38 percent.

Bad news for the Confederation. They lose mainly to one party

PiS has been gaining since mid-August. Onet’s interlocutors predict that this was decided by the propaganda message about ensuring Poland’s military security, which coincided with the Polish Army Day and the parade in Warsaw. Law and Justice is also supposed to receive support from the Confederation, which could be caused by a diplomatic clash between the government and Ukraine, especially on grain.

Staff members of the Civic Coalition also point to the “unprecedented activity of PiS on the Internet”, but emphasize that “at such a high level of involvement, it is impossible to travel too far”. Another aspect is that PiS has recently presented one program proposal every day. The KO points out that most of the demands are a repetition of promises from four years ago, but the lack of response from the KO turned out to be the key.

The Civic Coalition has a problem. Her polls are not budging, and PiS is growing

PiS was also supposed to partially “steal” some of the announcements of the Civic Platform, which intends to present “100 specifics” for the first 100 days of the government at the Saturday convention in Tarnów. One of the demands will be issues related to abortion. For the time being, the support for KO is stagnant, and other opposition parties, which are to form a government after the elections, are teetering on the verge of their electoral thresholds.

However, the Civic Coalition is not panicking because it is convinced that “this is not the key moment yet.” The party has a detailed plan for the last five weeks of the campaign, in which it wants to convince undecided people. KO also responded to Law and Justice with a series of clips about unfulfilled promises.

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